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get cape * wear cape * fly

so you already know this post is going to be all about this cape. how could it not? as per usual, new things that enter my wardrobe don't get to stay there too long before i wear them and showcase them here. this fabulous cape with a vintage feel was a christmas present from my guy. he gives the best presents ever. you might remember i did a post last year called cape craving and apparently my guy remembered my wish. he really pays attention, you know, even when i don't think he is . he searched high and low for the perfect one and there it is. it might have to sit in the closet for a little while before the weather becomes a bit warmer, but it was totally worth it freezing my butt off taking these pictures. you can totally tell from the cut, the fabric and all the finishing details that it's super well made. i love the kind of items that you know are going to last forever in your wardrobe and that you might even pass them down to future generations. it does have a kind of timeless quality to it. it might just be the fanciest thing i own, but i am trying to dress it down a bit since it looks kinda elegant to me. i am wearing it with bow printed dress, orange tights and red litas.

 cape: massimo dutti * dress: topshop * tights: meli melo * shoes: jeffrey campbell
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the drag queen in me

what i wore to the company christmas party this weekend: red wig, purple makeup, purple dress, zebra print tights and red litas.

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i love you but i haven't met you yet

you, yes you. we haven't met but still we know each other. i haven't met you but i feel like i know you. i know how you look at least, or how you dress. i know what you love/hate, what you eat and what you dream about, what makes you giddy and what makes you sad. you've told me, i've read it in your written words, i've seen it in your pictures, in your eyes. and all of you out there inspire me, you make me curious and you make me want to keep doing this. here's to all you wonderful beings reading these words, all you beautiful women and men writing fashion history every day of the week, out there on the city streets and not on the cover of the magazines. here's to you who are passionate about fashion and true to yourselves. consider this some sort of skinny buddha manifesto. and you know skinny buddha is all about love.

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