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cape craving

this sudden cold wave left me quite uninspired when it comes to creating fun little outfits. i've been bundling up in my comfiest, coziest clothing but nothing i came up with seemed blog worthy. i've been spending some time searching for exciting new stuff to add to my wish list and i realized my most coveted item of the season must be the cape coat. and so i rounded up a few of my favorites from the blogosphere and let's hope santa reads my blog :)

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closet sneak peak

as promised earlier, here are some extra pictures i shot for the feature on le placard. the lovely girls behind this blog have a current feature of closets all around the world (le placard means closet in french), and i was very honored to have mine up on their blog. check out the link above for the whole story. for this special occasion i wanted to debut a dress i picked up this summer but didn't feature on my blog yet. though not as intricate, the draping details on the dress reminded me of the gorgeous gowns created by rami kashou, from season 4 of project runway. i felt like this was the ready to wear version of his couture looks. i love how the dress flows and hugs the body. i kept things in a similar color palette with my flowery tights and olive oxfords. i wanted this to be as casual as possible but still me.

dress: orsay * tight, shoes: h&m
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beware of the houndstooth bite

i am still miles away from mastering the art or mixology, as the glamourai would call it, but i am taking baby steps towards it. my closet lacks a great diversity of prints and patterns but i am happy to work with what i've got. now, mixing the same pattern doesn't seem like putting too much effort into it, but really it's not as simple as you would think. you might step into dangerous territory by coming out too costumey or too busy. you don't want to give people head aches just by looking at you. i set out to play again with my favorite pattern, houndstooth and went for the same print for both the dress and the tights. the pattern on the tights is rather small and you only realize what it is when you look it up close. i wish the pattern on the dress was bigger so it was more in your face, as opposed to the subtle one on the tights. here is the way i styled up the same tights last year. i do believe it's not too over the top, or it doesn't look like i was trying to hard, it just looks right to me. i added a purple belt to break it up a little and add just a tiny touch of color to the ensemble.

dress: dunnes * tights: meli  melo * shoes: dgm * belt: thrifted
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the heart is a lonely hunter

this dress was love at first sight. i just wish i had found it earlier, it would have been the perfect summer dress. so soft and flowy, a bit see through, and all these wonderful colorful bows on it. but i also love transitioning summer dresses into fall and winter. put on some colored tights, high boots and a cardigan over it  and it's just as good. one other thing i love is toughening up flowy summer dresses by pairing them up with faux leather leggings and a jacket. it gives them more edge and the contrast is really interesting. one other thing you could do is wearing them with some thick over the knee socks and a chunky knitted cardigan. oh, the possibilities are endless. dresses are definitely my favorite clothing items. i would be very happy wearing nothing but dresses from here on end. i wouldn't even miss pants at all. pants being kind of the opposite of dresses, or at least they are in my mind. i am sure everyone has a clothing item they couldn't leave without. and as long as you always mix it up and try to keep things new and fresh, it feels like your wardrobe is endless.

dress: topshop * tights: fiore * boots: random
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le placard feature

my closet was recently featured on the Elizabeth and Sylvie's lovely blog la placard. check it out! a full outfit post will folow in the next couple of days. ciao!

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jackie cane was everybody's sugar

behold, for this does not happen very often, i am wearing high heels. it was quite painful walking around in these boots all day long, though the heel is not very high, but it's a good reminder why i don't do this more often. let's be honest, i can't believe anyone can actually be comfortable in high heels. i bought these ankle boots last year because i needed something fancy to go with a vintage purse i had just thrifted, and so they don't get much wear. i decided it was time they saw the light of day again but didn't want to go too fancy and so i paired them with some khakis and a ruffled shirt. this shirt feels so good to the touch i feel like running my fingers up and down these ruffles all the time. ok, that sounded kinda weird. i have this friend at work and whenever i wear something new or that she hasn't seen in a while she likes to touch and feel the fabric. i guess i miss her, she's away on a business trip, so nobody checked out my fabrics in a while. we're kinda weird like that at work. fun fun fun. tomorrow is friday, finally! the worst has passed, we're steps away from the weekend. yey!

cardigan: promod * top: orsay * pants: stradivarius * belt: thrifted * boots: amanda
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if you love me let me go back to that bar in tokyo

blogger just let me know that my storage space is up and i could no longer upload pictures unless i upgraded my account. i managed to clean up my web albums a bit to make room for a few more pictures, but what do i do next? any advice guys? what do you use to store your blog pictures on line? ok, so while i try to figure it all out, lets get back to rambling about clothes. this skirt if one of the most beautiful things i own, honestly. i really love the work that got into it, the texture, color and the shape. who knew i would love wearing high waisted skirts so much? i wanted to create a contrast with the top and so i went for a very simple and somber green army shirt. i love mixing feminine and masculine elements and i love how they balance each other. the details in the skirt contrast the minimalist look of the shirt, there's a lightness about the skirt that is counter balanced by the clean cut and the rigidness of the shirt. i may have to alter the shirt to make it more fitted, but all in all i am very happy with the way this turned out. i am really embracing all these earthy tones and shades of green, they really work wonders with my hair color.
shirt: thrifted * skirt, tights: h&m * shoes: bb up
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i'm a tree that grows hearts, one for each that you take

got myself some new boots today. for some reason i hate spending a lot on shoes and always end up buying cheap stuff that usually disintegrates soon after their cost per wear ratio approaches insignificant values. but i don't mind, this way i buy new shoes every year and throw away the stuff i don't like without any remorse. i probably end up spending more than if i had invested in some durable footwear. after all, value and not low prices should be the focus when budget shopping. this is a lesson i am not sure i am willing to learn at the time being. i guess i am not much of a shoe person, i'd rather spend more on clothing and other accessories. one other thing is i don't wear high heels much (i do own a pair of high heel boots that i've only worn 2 or 3 times and 2 pairs of wedges) and so my options on the market are pretty limited. i have been looking for a pair of high grey suede boots and couldn't find anything decent price/quality wise and so i decided to buy some no names. i probably won't even like them 3 years from now so why bother spending a ton on real suede boots. they even go great with the dress i have been wearing today. love the leather detail on the side and the neckline. it can be worn in so many different ways. my new boots are also pretty versatile as they can be pulled up for an over the knee length or folded down. they may not be the wisest investment but they look good, don't they?

dress: helene * shirt: thrifted * tights, boots: random
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pagan poetry

oh, layers, you are one of my favorite fall things. you make me feel like piling up one thing on top of the other and feel like the center of my warm and fuzzy universe.  i took advantage of a wonderful sunday afternoon to dress up and put together something whimsical and fun. i just started pulling things out of my closet and trying them on and couldn't care less if they didn't match or weren't exactly supposed to be worn that way. it might have been a bit too much but i couldn't care less, i was having the time of my life. first came the ruffled vest and i knew i wanted to wear it with a girly dress, then came the cream lace tights (which by the way apparently look like a bride's stockings according to some people in my entourage) and the olive green shoes. i wanted to balance it all out by wearing a dark jacket to give it a bit of edge, and voila, my creation was completed. i enjoyed a cup of tea in the sun and a wonderful walk in the park covered with falling leaves. the colors were so rich and truly inspiring.

jacket: pimkie * dress, vest, tights, shoes: h&m * bag: benvenuti
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my eyes wide open

it's funny how we sometimes program ourselves to see things in a certain  manner. until someone opens our eyes or we have a revelation we are stuck seeing things the same old way. seeing things with different eyes is mandatory when you don't have an infinite wardrobe. you know what they say, your wardrobe is only as limited as your imagination. it's very important to be able to play around with the items you own and maximize their wearability. one single dress can look a hundred different ways if styled and mixed properly. i've had this knitted skirt for years and i've always worn it as top, never the way it was intended to be worn. i don't know why, i guess at that time it wasn't very appealing to me as a skirt. it was only a couple of weeks ago that i decided it was about time i gave it a shot as a skirt. it turned out great, so i decided to remix it again and immortalize it too for your viewing pleasure. knits are always my favorite fall staple and my "new" knitted skirt will sure make a lot of appearances this season.

 shirt: thrifted * skirt: vero moda * tights: fiore * shoes: dgm * necklace: diy
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