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my eyes wide open

it's funny how we sometimes program ourselves to see things in a certain  manner. until someone opens our eyes or we have a revelation we are stuck seeing things the same old way. seeing things with different eyes is mandatory when you don't have an infinite wardrobe. you know what they say, your wardrobe is only as limited as your imagination. it's very important to be able to play around with the items you own and maximize their wearability. one single dress can look a hundred different ways if styled and mixed properly. i've had this knitted skirt for years and i've always worn it as top, never the way it was intended to be worn. i don't know why, i guess at that time it wasn't very appealing to me as a skirt. it was only a couple of weeks ago that i decided it was about time i gave it a shot as a skirt. it turned out great, so i decided to remix it again and immortalize it too for your viewing pleasure. knits are always my favorite fall staple and my "new" knitted skirt will sure make a lot of appearances this season.

 shirt: thrifted * skirt: vero moda * tights: fiore * shoes: dgm * necklace: diy


  1. I love when you discover new ways to wear things - and like you were saying sometimes it turns out even better than it's original purpose! I also love colored tights on you, you always pull it off so well :)

    xoxo Maria

  2. black and white stripes are the best invention ever :D