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the heart is a lonely hunter

this dress was love at first sight. i just wish i had found it earlier, it would have been the perfect summer dress. so soft and flowy, a bit see through, and all these wonderful colorful bows on it. but i also love transitioning summer dresses into fall and winter. put on some colored tights, high boots and a cardigan over it  and it's just as good. one other thing i love is toughening up flowy summer dresses by pairing them up with faux leather leggings and a jacket. it gives them more edge and the contrast is really interesting. one other thing you could do is wearing them with some thick over the knee socks and a chunky knitted cardigan. oh, the possibilities are endless. dresses are definitely my favorite clothing items. i would be very happy wearing nothing but dresses from here on end. i wouldn't even miss pants at all. pants being kind of the opposite of dresses, or at least they are in my mind. i am sure everyone has a clothing item they couldn't leave without. and as long as you always mix it up and try to keep things new and fresh, it feels like your wardrobe is endless.

dress: topshop * tights: fiore * boots: random

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  1. i agree, dress are my go-to article of clothing. Also, I really like the lighter blue tights with this dress