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jackie cane was everybody's sugar

behold, for this does not happen very often, i am wearing high heels. it was quite painful walking around in these boots all day long, though the heel is not very high, but it's a good reminder why i don't do this more often. let's be honest, i can't believe anyone can actually be comfortable in high heels. i bought these ankle boots last year because i needed something fancy to go with a vintage purse i had just thrifted, and so they don't get much wear. i decided it was time they saw the light of day again but didn't want to go too fancy and so i paired them with some khakis and a ruffled shirt. this shirt feels so good to the touch i feel like running my fingers up and down these ruffles all the time. ok, that sounded kinda weird. i have this friend at work and whenever i wear something new or that she hasn't seen in a while she likes to touch and feel the fabric. i guess i miss her, she's away on a business trip, so nobody checked out my fabrics in a while. we're kinda weird like that at work. fun fun fun. tomorrow is friday, finally! the worst has passed, we're steps away from the weekend. yey!

cardigan: promod * top: orsay * pants: stradivarius * belt: thrifted * boots: amanda

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