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got myself some new boots today. for some reason i hate spending a lot on shoes and always end up buying cheap stuff that usually disintegrates soon after their cost per wear ratio approaches insignificant values. but i don't mind, this way i buy new shoes every year and throw away the stuff i don't like without any remorse. i probably end up spending more than if i had invested in some durable footwear. after all, value and not low prices should be the focus when budget shopping. this is a lesson i am not sure i am willing to learn at the time being. i guess i am not much of a shoe person, i'd rather spend more on clothing and other accessories. one other thing is i don't wear high heels much (i do own a pair of high heel boots that i've only worn 2 or 3 times and 2 pairs of wedges) and so my options on the market are pretty limited. i have been looking for a pair of high grey suede boots and couldn't find anything decent price/quality wise and so i decided to buy some no names. i probably won't even like them 3 years from now so why bother spending a ton on real suede boots. they even go great with the dress i have been wearing today. love the leather detail on the side and the neckline. it can be worn in so many different ways. my new boots are also pretty versatile as they can be pulled up for an over the knee length or folded down. they may not be the wisest investment but they look good, don't they?

dress: helene * shirt: thrifted * tights, boots: random

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  1. That dress is soooooo lovely!
    I tend to buy expensive shoes that I don't wear. On the other hand the boots I wore to the point of distruction 2 years in a row were something like 90 RON. ahhh they were awesome.
    Chic style btw!