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skinny buddha 2012 recap

I am looking back at the the year that is just about to end, in pictures of course. 2012 has been the year of my first photo shoot, my first collaboration with a local boutique, the year of meeting some amazing bloggers and the beginning of a wonderful friendship and regular blogger meetings, the year of new and fun hair colors, amazing travels and new experiences.
Happy New Year!
See you in 2013!

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I just wanna dream

 ♫ major lazer - get free
I recently redeemed this skirt from Chictopia (thank you guys!) and I am so excited it has finally arrived. the print is absolutely gorgeous, as is the fit. I had to wake up at 4 in the morning to redeem it, so you can figure out exactly how much I wanted it. as I was saying in my previous post, I paid a visit to my trusted hairdresser for a new haircut and color. it came out amazing, and the best thing is there are several new shades revealed each time i wash my hair. the color is custom made, so I feel pretty special. thank you, Jenci!
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nature versus what is strange

ladytron - versus ♫     
here we go, three in a row. this is the third outfit i styled for Tiramisu alle fragole. i went for something a little more cozy and comfy this time. not only for my own comfort (but mostly for it) because we were shooting outside and it was freezing cold, but also to show you the wide range the store offers when it comes to apparel. i have become infatuated with their clutches as you can see, i am holding on tight to this one. i have put together a dress worn as a skirt here and a cozy sweater with sparkling stones details and an interesting cut. the rabbit ring is for me la piece de resistance. get acquainted with my new haircut and color, and i'll tell you the details next time. see ya!

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Tiramisu alle fragole collaboration, part 2

here is part two of my shooting for Tiramisu alle fragole. this time i decided to put together a more elegant outfit. maybe something you can wear at the office christmas party. sorry, i'm not a true socialite, so i couldn't think of a fancier occasion. this lace brocade dress is so delicate and precious, i felt wonderful wearing it. plus  brocade is so hot right now, you cannot go wrong with it. to give this a little twist and make it more my style, i added the spiked headband and the ring.

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Tiramisu alle fragole

this weekend marked the beginning of my collaboration with Tiramisu alle fragole, a super chic and cozy boutique in Timisoara. click on the link above to check out their facebook page. i was super excited to be invited to style some of their pieces for a photo shoot at the store. their selection includes super chic, modern and fun pieces for a fashion forward clientele. i went for a more festive look, now that the holidays are upon us. i would have never imagined i would wear sequin pants in this lifetime, but these were so fabulous. i paired them with a cozy heart print sweater, leather clutch and statement jewelry.

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black, the absence of color

when in doubt, wear black. that's one thing i always stick to. i love black, i always have. these days it has been nothing but gloom and doom and i didn't feel like wearing color. the good thing is this kinda tones down my crazy hair color. just kinda. i had time on my hands so i even put on some make-up, black and shades of grey of course. and i'm wearing some bracelets i just made recently. i've been quite into DIYs lately. that's about it. have a great weekend!

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i'm seeing in you something

i was super lucky i managed to snap these shots before the guard came up and told us we're not allowed to take pictures and we have to leave. i work in one of these buildings so i didn't want to make a fuss, but i felt sorry that my friends could not take their pictures here. i love how beautiful the background looks with these street lights. my outfit here combines some old and new pieces i love. i am wearing my boyfriend's thrifted sweater and my mom's clip on earrings. which reminds me of an interesting question i was asked recently. if i wear these earrings it means that i am wearing a vintage piece. but if my mom wears them what do you call it? is she old fashioned or is she wearing vintage too? what are your thoughts on that?

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happiness is an inside job

this is what one of my friend's bracelet said when we last met. for some reason it resonated with me and it kind of stuck. i needed to repeat this to myself on this particular day when everything seemed to go wrong. on top of everything i was feeling under the weather with a cold i could not get rid of, and i was swamped at work, and i got caught in the rain when i left for lunch. i soon realized i needed to make my day go better if nothing else would. a good meal and a nice conversation with the girls made me hopeful that things will start to get brighter. and so they did, in fact even the sun came up after the rain.

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panic on the streets of London

i am so glad i got these leggings when i was in london earlier this year. they are such a great reminder of the time i spent there and they never go unnoticed. i thought i'd try to channel london street style with this ensemble with the help of the houndstooth coat. also, the detachable collar (last seen here) is a gift from my best friend who currently lives in london. i recently added the metal tips to give it an update. and how awesome is the fact that it perfectly matches my hair? who knew one year ago i would dye my hair in this exact shade. not i, for sure.
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people are fragile things

another weekend, another fashionable meeting with my blogger friends. prancing around in this ensemble, despite the layers i so carefully put together, turned my cough into a full blown cold by the end of the day. oh, the things i endure for fashion's sake. styling this ruffled vest is always a challenge but i really love the result this time. it draws away the attention from the way too short dress and creates a nice volume. hope you like my new necklace, i made it myself. there's nothing to it really, i just bought the wire and the woolen balls from the hobby shop and put them together.
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is it just madness keeping us afloat?

 ♫ muse - madness
i've been really enjoying wearing hats lately and it's about time to expand my stock. i saw a gorgeous bright blue bowler hat in budapest a while ago but thought it was too pricey so i didn't buy it. of course i ended up regretting it by the time i got home. there's a funny story behind the one i am wearing: a few years ago for the company christmas party me and my female colleagues decided to wear man suits, ties and hats and i couldn't be more happy with the idea of going drag. i haven't told you this yet but i am a big big fan of drag shows. hope i didn't raise too many eyebrows just now. well, if this statement didn't, let me assure you that wearing these tights to work surely raised some eyebrows there.
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somewhere down the lane there’s a dog in gucci lace

i put together here some of my favorite wardrobe pieces: my vintage wool skirt i picked up in paris a couple of years ago, my beloved thrifted lace shirt, my go to zara bag updated with the persona logo, and my new booties from h&m. the photos were taken this sunday in front of the dome, so i guess i could call this my sunday best. to make sense of the title, make sure you listen to the tori amos song while reading this. i love her sense of humor.
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remember when you used to be a rascal

hanging out with my blogger girls lately had quite a wonderful effect on me. i put more effort and thought into what i wear because i know they will look at me with a critical eye. we're not a bunch of mean girls, or in any sort of competition, but you know what i mean. i need to step up my game because appreciation is most welcomed and much more valuable when it comes from your peers. i love our weekend photo sessions because it gives me time to put together my look and even wear some make-up, which doesn't happen very often to me. hope you guys love my new boots, i for one am i love with the color, and the dress which was a gift from one of my best friends.

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the sparkle you become

since i changed my hair color a couple of months ago, i've been really excited about experimenting with more colors in my daily ensembles. i've been trying to stick to my rule of wearing only 3-4 colors per outfit and coming up out new color mixes. but since my hair now counts for one color (funny how i never took this into consideration when i was a redhead), i have to keep the other colors down to a minimum. luckily fall is the perfect time of year to be wearing dark, rich shades of red, green and brown and they go quite well with my hair. oh, my nail polish doesn't count as extra color, ok? because i make the rules. in fact i've been wearing two tones of nail polish at the same time lately. ha!

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persona - an assumed identity or character

in case you missed it, please make sure you check out the new music video from the band Persona (click on the link above). I was super honored to be invited to take part in the shooting for the video. As you can see i have also adorned my Zara bag with the band's logo to show my support. I am wearing a super casual outfit for a weekend stroll: sweater dress, faux leather leggings, studded boots, hat and fall inspired accessories. the bracelets were bought on my trip to India.
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color clash

i finally had time this weekend to attend our regular blogger meeting, and i am glad we got to hang out together on such a beautiful day. you already know the girls - Claudia and Laura - and their fabulous blogs, so make sure you pay them a visit. i am wearing some new acquisitions such as the burgundy faux leather skirt and the yellow sweater, my choice of fall colors, as well as some older pieces that have become wardrobe staples: the black cape and red Litas. a lady walking her dog in the park saw us taking pictures and offered to lend us her dog for some snaps. isn't he adorable?
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ghosts are dancing

i am super stoked to present to you a project that i have been involved in recently. this is the music video of my absolute favorite romanian band - Persona, featuring yours truly. see if you can spot me. this is by far one of the most exciting things that happened to me lately and it will surely be a hell of a story to tell my grandchildren. enjoy!
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DIY studded shirt

as promissed, here's a quick tutorial on how to embelish a garment using studs.
for this you will need:
  • a shirt/ sweater
  • studs
  • a pair of pliars
I recommend using a knit sweater, especially if you are going to use studs with claw backings, because it's easier to punch the studs in, and you can always take them off and move them around if you're not happy with the initial placement. plus, you won't damage the shirt because you'll be fitting the studs into the knit holes.

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found the peace i've been searching for

here comes the studs overload. i guess i've always been a fan of studs, they are obviously associated with the music genres i prefer. they have been making a fashion statement for a long time adorning bags, shoes and clothing, but since a couple of years ago we saw a massive resurgence. you've already been introduced to my studded clutch, which doubles as a shoulder bag, and i recently picked up these boots at a no name store in town. they are so comfy i swear i am not taking them off anytime soon. the studded shirt is actually a recent DIY project of mine (i'll prepare a short tutorial for tomorrow, in case you're interested). i used an old thrifted knit shirt, and the studs came from my old boots (they made one of their last appearance here).
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there is a light that never goes out

i was in Budapest this weekend to meet up with a dear friend of mine i haven't seen in seven years, since my summer working in LA. we have been in touch, of course, but still there was a lot of catching up to do. for the past five or six years i have been to Budapest at least twice a year, at the Sziget festival or visiting my other American friends who live there, and i always have such a wonderful time. the city is teeming witch cool restaurants, cafes and bars and of course lots of cool people to be inspired by. i wore this for our walk around the city. hope i made a good impression with the cool kids. i'm really into leather lately so this skirt was an obvious choice and i picked up the leather bow ring earlier that day at a local thrift store. i waited for this trip to showcase my recently thrifted blue poppy print shirt, which i think is pretty amazing.
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bluer than velvet was the night

for some reason today i woke up in a fancy mood. i took the time to get all dolled up, but of course i was late for work because of this. i honestly don't know what got into me, it's monday after all and we have a saying around here that goes something like 'even grass doesn't grow on mondays'. i must be coming down with something. i do suspect my suspiciously good mood might be related to my little shopping spree this weekend. having no patience at all i wore both my new peter pan collar necklace and the studded clutch to work today. i picked up the lipstick on the way home and now my look seems complete.
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every cloud is grey with dreams of yesterday

the saying "there's no place like home" has never been more true for me. i only get to go home 4, 5 times a year and i've learned to appreciate the time spent there. i fell like a kid again in my parents' presence, i get pampered, or how i like to call it - the royal treatment, because i don't have to move a muscle, and most of all i get that feeling of coziness and well being. it's always nice to be surrounded by so many familiar faces and places. last weekend was no exception, i slept like a baby till mid day, ate insane amounts of goodies, hung out with dear friends and had a blast. sunday afternoon, after coffee in my favorite bar, i noticed the view and decided i couldn't pass the opportunity to take some pictures with the symbol of my home town - the citadel - in the backdrop.
 t-shirt: berhska * cardigan: thifted * shorts: H&M * sandals: Jeffrey Campbell

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we were light and paper-thin

well, after much debate and procrastination i decided to jump the religious symbolism wagon. i don't really know who started all this, but i have a feeling it was the Versace 2012 fall line. i remember seeing loads of  cross prints and crucifixes in their show. and now the internet has exploded with crosses and stained glass religious prints on anything from tights,  leggings, skirt and dresses. i've actually had this shirt in my closet for probably seven years but i wear it so rarely, because i tend to stay away from such statements. i used to wonder what possessed me (pun intended) to get it in the first place. now i know i had to wait 7 years (talk about magic numbers) for it to finally make sense.

 shirt, skirt: thrifted * sandals: Jeffre Campbell * bracelets: topshop, my mom's * ring: bershka
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when the curtain falls it's time to leave the stage

yesterday i met up with the lovely gals Laura and Claudia and spent a wonderful afternoon together. we took pictures, pretended we lived in new york and hailed cabs, strutted down the city center as if we were the cast of sex and the city, laughed and chit-chatted a lot. we dissected the fashion industry, put blogs and fashion bloggers under the microscope, enlisted our most coveted fall items, and talked about making these kind of outings a regular thing. it was so refreshing to be in the presence of people who truly understand and share my passion for fashion. imagine living in a foreign country and stumbling upon someone who speaks your language, that's how i felt. i got dressed up in pastels and even wore a little bit of make-up for the occasion. i only wish i had accessorized more, especially after seeing the gorgeous accessories these girls were sporting.

 top: H&M * skirt: thrifted * pumps: Filty * bag: Benvenuti
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you can be the boss

here's phase two of my hair color development - i told you this is a work in progress. this is actually what i was going for, a tie dye washed out effect. i love that there are layers of different shades of purple under the surface. my hair has never been this light before, so i am still trying to figure out what to wear with it. meanwhile i just wear a lot of black. to some people it's depressing but i find black quite empowering. i've been also playing around with combining different nail polishes lately, especially pretty pastels. here's the mint/purple version. one of the reasons why i love purple so much is the fact that it's the most misunderstood color. everyone sees it differently and that's the beauty of it.

dress: Tally Weijl * tights: H&M * flats: BB Up
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