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bluer than velvet was the night

for some reason today i woke up in a fancy mood. i took the time to get all dolled up, but of course i was late for work because of this. i honestly don't know what got into me, it's monday after all and we have a saying around here that goes something like 'even grass doesn't grow on mondays'. i must be coming down with something. i do suspect my suspiciously good mood might be related to my little shopping spree this weekend. having no patience at all i wore both my new peter pan collar necklace and the studded clutch to work today. i picked up the lipstick on the way home and now my look seems complete.

 dress, tights: H&M * shoes: dgm * clutch: stradivarius * necklace: New Yorker * earrings: vintage * ring: gift


  1. Gorgeous! Love how the dress fits you and looks great with the peter pan collar necklace! Awesome clutch as well! And still crazy about the hair! :D

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