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DIY studded shirt

as promissed, here's a quick tutorial on how to embelish a garment using studs.
for this you will need:
  • a shirt/ sweater
  • studs
  • a pair of pliars
I recommend using a knit sweater, especially if you are going to use studs with claw backings, because it's easier to punch the studs in, and you can always take them off and move them around if you're not happy with the initial placement. plus, you won't damage the shirt because you'll be fitting the studs into the knit holes.

I took my studs off a pair of old boots i had (these ones), but you can use whatever you find in store.

think of a pattern or simply place them randomly on the shirt.

you should start closing them right after you found the right placement and not wait till the end, because they will slip off when you turn the shirt inside out. try to close them really tight, otherwise they might fall off or scratch your skin when you wear the shirt.

repeat until finished :)

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