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all the people on the move

as much as i hate to admit it, the truth is wearing dresses on a bike is not really practical. especially if even the slightest breeze is blowing, your dress will always get blown in your face and you end up flashing people. still, i won't give up wearing skirts and dresses on my bike when it's just for a quick and relaxed ride. but when i know i'll be pedalling across town i try to go for something more suited. i hate wearing pants when it's hot out but these ones are quite lightweight and manage to keep me cool. sorry they look so crumpled, it's because of all the pedalling. i wanted to pair them with something bright and fun and so i went for a red polka dotted shirt with a pretty lacy detail. i predict this is going to be remixed numerous times this summer. and then there's this bag i've been carrying around on my bike rides lately which i picked up at a festival a couple of years ago. soon enough i hope to get a basket for my bike and then i won't have to carry a bag. can't wait for that!

cardigan: promod * shirt: thrifed * pants: zara * shoes, bag: random
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where the wild roses grow

as i was telling you, i'm on a roll here. can't seem to get enough of maxi dresses, and i am sure they will be my go to summer attire. this is the second one i scored last weekend, and i love that it's super long and it hits the ground. this could be the perfect beach dress, but i don't go to the beach so instead i prefer wearing it out on a stroll in the park. it is also surprisingly easy to wear on a bike ride, so this is again something that you'll see me wearing numerous times this summer. i decided to accessorize it with red accents and therefore i wanted to take the photos in this particular park. this is the rose garden and the red roses looked so beautiful as we passed by during our bike ride that we decided to come back here for photos. i couldn't help taking some pics by the purple roses, me being absolutely obsessed with the color purple.

dress: amisu * bandeau: stradivarius * belt: thrifted * sandals, bag, shades: random
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sometimes we have to sing out of key

yesterday, a bunch of us from work decided to have a picnic during lunch break in the nearby park. given that i live very close to my work place, it so happens to be also my favorite park in the city. it was so great to kick out our shoes and relax while eating sandwiches and ice cream after being cooked up in the office the entire morning. i sneaked out with one of the girls and quickly grabbed some photos while no one was watching. this was the perfect opportunity for me to wear my new maxi dress, which i adore. besides the emerald green dress from the previous post, i also scored a couple of maxi dresses for a very reasonable price during my shopping spree at the mall last weekend. i was instantly attracted to the graphic print and the bold colors on this one. i can already see myself wearing such dresses all summer long. if only i could take the whole summer off from work, now wouldn't that be awesome?

cardigan: promod * dress: amisu * sandals: random
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take me down to the emerald city

hooray for bare legs! and hello knees, haven't seen you in a while. it was a gorgeous day today so i figured i ought to take my new pumps out for a walk. this is the second time i wore them and i am slowly adjusting to wearing high heels. it's still kinda weird and awkward, i sometimes feel like a drag queen. and then, i don't know, i feel kinda all grown up in these. here i am, going on 28 and i still feel like a kid inside. and then i thought maybe i should go all color blocking on you all and so i pulled out this emerald green dress i recently purchased. wearing such bold colors together is new territory for me but the effect is guaranteed. i guess ever since i became a redhead i started to experiment more with bold colors, and let me say i'm loving it. and now you must excuse me, i gotta go rest my poor feet. as good as these shoes look they sure killed my feet today!

dress: terranova * cardigan: h&m * shoes: filty
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floral haze

i can feel it, the day i won't be able to wear tights anymore is getting closer. which is quite exciting actually, but i really wanted to get a couple more chances of wearing my favorite printed tights before the heat wave kicks in. these floral thighs surely are on my top list and i wanted to show them off in their (almost) full splendour. that's why i decided to wear them under a pair of denim shorts. i must be going through a floral craze phase cause i also decided to wear my cherry blossom girls t-shirt, floral earrings and let's not forget my lotus flower tattoo. also, i discovered it's super fun to match your shoes and you hair. yeap, i might be also in an orange phase.

t-shirt: zara * shorts: thrifted * tights: accessorise * shoes: bb up
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trees are for hugging

while i do love living in the city, i take every chance i get, especially during the weekends, to spend some time in nature. now that it's so nice and warm outside i prefer taking bike rides, strolls in the park or just hanging out with friends at a terrace along the river. i was really relieved to leave the house with bare legs for a change, but since i wasn't over my nasty cold i went for a maxi dress to keep me covered. my shades were more than a necessity, keeping me from constantly sneezing when i was looking towards the light and also keeping my eyes from tearing up. i really love this dress and i hope to get my hands on a few more this summer. i bought it a couple of years ago at a festival but there's no label on it and i couldn't remember any other detail about the company who made it. hopefully they will be there again at the festival this year. it's really cool that it still manages to make me look long and lean despite the horizontal stripes.

dress: random, no label * flats: stradivarius * shades: random
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predict the day you want to get away

i'm a little behind on posting due to a nasty cold that hit me and i can't seem to shake off, so this is something i wore a couple of days ago. this was one of those days when i wanted to feel as comfortable as possible and put together a very feminine look. comfortable for me means throwing on a dress. it's the quickest possible way for me to get dressed in the morning when i'm in a rush. i've been dying to wear this dress again, but i had to wait to warmer weather. it's still not warm enough for bare legs so i went for some delicate lace tights with a pretty pattern. i just love how delicate and light this dress is, i love the amazing colors and prints and the small pleating detail on the top. this will be for sure one of my summer staples.

dress: vintage * cardigan: promod * tights: h&m * flats: stradivarius
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you might want to sit down for this

i just bought a pair of high heels. because they were purple. this is totally not like me

shoes: filty
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i saw an educated girl give her hair a twirl

after being brutally woken up by the neighbor's drill machine on saturday morning, my boyfriend and i decided to take a bike ride and fill our lungs with some fresh air. let me tell you, i totally ended up regretting not putting too much thought into my outfit. as cute and fun this may look, it was not meant for riding a bike with the wind blowing from all sides. this turned out to be all sorts of wrong and i had one wardrobe malfunction after another. first my skirt began to flow and rise, almost flashing a couple of people. i was mostly holding on to my skirt instead of the handlebars, and then to make matters worse my socks began to slide down on my feet. at one point i didn't know what to grab first, the skirt, the socks or the handlebars. it was out of control. we stopped by the park to catch a break and some shots and then 'gracefully' continued our ride. i managed to gain some control over the whole outfit situation and made it home safe and fully dressed. that'll teach me a lesson!
cardigan: promod * top: bershka * skirt: zara * socks, shoes: h&m
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