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i saw an educated girl give her hair a twirl

after being brutally woken up by the neighbor's drill machine on saturday morning, my boyfriend and i decided to take a bike ride and fill our lungs with some fresh air. let me tell you, i totally ended up regretting not putting too much thought into my outfit. as cute and fun this may look, it was not meant for riding a bike with the wind blowing from all sides. this turned out to be all sorts of wrong and i had one wardrobe malfunction after another. first my skirt began to flow and rise, almost flashing a couple of people. i was mostly holding on to my skirt instead of the handlebars, and then to make matters worse my socks began to slide down on my feet. at one point i didn't know what to grab first, the skirt, the socks or the handlebars. it was out of control. we stopped by the park to catch a break and some shots and then 'gracefully' continued our ride. i managed to gain some control over the whole outfit situation and made it home safe and fully dressed. that'll teach me a lesson!
cardigan: promod * top: bershka * skirt: zara * socks, shoes: h&m


  1. that skirt is to melt for ... :) love the hair style too!!! :*

  2. balerina!superb!de acum incolo o sa ti spun balerina!daca nu te superi.esti pretty!

  3. What the hell is wrong with people?!!! I feel your pain - the sweet sound of drilling always wakes me up during the weekend. But seriously, you look good, so graceful, although I can se how this outfit wasn’t the best bike ride attire.

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  4. your outfit is very beautiful, so fresh!

  5. You are not a model, so quit cluttering the internet with your nasty body/face. Thanks. Go fuck yourself.