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minimum damage, maximum effect

i don't do this often enough but one of my favorite things to do when bored with what my wardrobe has to offer is restyling and altering some of the old pieces. this is one of my favorite skirts and it has suffered numerous alterations over time in order to satisfy my needs and random moods. i thrifted it many years ago and loved the dark rich shade of violet and the full length. i didn't care much about the fabric, some sort of crappy polyester or something, but decided to buy it anyway. it was way too long for me so first thing i did was to shorten it. i was reluctant to cutting it so i decided to pucker it here and there and sow it. after a while i decided i wanted to make it shorter and so i folded the bottom and sowed it in. this way i could wear it both as an over the knee skirt or as a tube dress. here, here and here are a few ways i styled it in the past. so right now i am really into maxi skirts and decided to set it free again. i paired it with a graphic black and white tee, zebra flats and an oversized cardigan. oh, and sorry for squinting my eyes so much, the sun was in my face the whole time.

cardigan: etam * shirt: h&m * skirt, belt: thrifted * flats: eram


  1. lovely and stylish!love your shoes!

  2. Cute - I like the geometrical effect of the puckering. Great way to keep it multi-functional Miha!

    xoxo Maria

  3. this looks great! love how that maxi skirt matches your blouse!

  4. je sais, je me répète, mais j’aime vraiment ce nouveau tournant dans ta photographie!


    J'espère que vous apprécierez la visite.