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floral haze

i can feel it, the day i won't be able to wear tights anymore is getting closer. which is quite exciting actually, but i really wanted to get a couple more chances of wearing my favorite printed tights before the heat wave kicks in. these floral thighs surely are on my top list and i wanted to show them off in their (almost) full splendour. that's why i decided to wear them under a pair of denim shorts. i must be going through a floral craze phase cause i also decided to wear my cherry blossom girls t-shirt, floral earrings and let's not forget my lotus flower tattoo. also, i discovered it's super fun to match your shoes and you hair. yeap, i might be also in an orange phase.

t-shirt: zara * shorts: thrifted * tights: accessorise * shoes: bb up


  1. Those tights are so cool! Not gonna lie, I always get a little bit sad when it gets too hot to wear tights, because they're pretty much my favorite things!

  2. Wow, love the prints on the tights and the shoes and the hair!
    So pretty everything!


  3. I love your entire outfit, especially your shoes! Your hair is so cool, very The Fifth Element, but it's much more chic:D I love, love, love yoUr blog and an now following you. I would be really flattered if you wanted to follow my blog, too. xx