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trees are for hugging

while i do love living in the city, i take every chance i get, especially during the weekends, to spend some time in nature. now that it's so nice and warm outside i prefer taking bike rides, strolls in the park or just hanging out with friends at a terrace along the river. i was really relieved to leave the house with bare legs for a change, but since i wasn't over my nasty cold i went for a maxi dress to keep me covered. my shades were more than a necessity, keeping me from constantly sneezing when i was looking towards the light and also keeping my eyes from tearing up. i really love this dress and i hope to get my hands on a few more this summer. i bought it a couple of years ago at a festival but there's no label on it and i couldn't remember any other detail about the company who made it. hopefully they will be there again at the festival this year. it's really cool that it still manages to make me look long and lean despite the horizontal stripes.

dress: random, no label * flats: stradivarius * shades: random


  1. I love the frames of your sunnies and your colorful maxi dress !
    Looking good, I wouldn't have guessed you were sick that day.