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tonight a special memory serves me

as i was telling you in my previous post, i attended my 10 year high school reunion last weekend and it sent me on a long trip down memory lane. actually, the fact alone of visiting my home town brings back so many memories every time. spending so much time with my ex colleagues made me think of all the beautiful friendships i established during those years, friendships that stood the test of time. my best friend in the world was my classmate during high school and we are super close even now when we are miles apart. i hang out all the time with my friends who were also in my class or in the same high school. no wonder i got all sentimental and decided to dig my old graduation party dress out from the closet and give it a try. i was so anxious to see if it would still fit me, and it did, as a glove. the dress was custom made because i wanted to make sure i was wearing something one of a kind. who knew i would be a visionary and this slit would be so famous nowadays (am i giving angelina a run for her money or what?). i took the photos in front of my parent's apartment building because this is were i took some pictures with my mom and my sister right before my graduation party 10 years ago.

dress: custom made * shoes: filty
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a golden age i know

i went back home this weekend to attend a very special event, my 10 year high school reunion. i cannot believe it's been 10 years!!! it was so great to see my old classmates and other colleagues and catch up with everybody. there were so many people i hadn't seen in years, some of them ever since we graduated from high school. it was super interesting to discover what they did for a living, where they lived, what they have been up to during all these years. basically we were all curious to see how everybody turned out. it was also  nice to see some of our old teachers and discover to our surprise some of them haven't aged a day. everybody had a million stories to tell and we had time on our hands to listen to them all. i didn't want to spend a fortune getting ready for this event so i was super excited i scored this amazing vintage dress (for 2 euros!) at a thrift store in austria a little while ago. it was really hard to refrain from wearing it until the big event. this trip down memory lane was so much fun!

dress: vintage * pumps: filty * clutch: meli melo * ring: h&m
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my secret garden is not so secret anymore

this weekend my guy and i took our bikes out for a spin and decided to drop by our favorite park in the city, the roses park. the park has been under reconstruction for quite a while but it wasn't until some guy came up to us and told us we had to leave that we realized the park was closed for the public. the fact that we were the only ones there except for the workers should have been the first clue but i guess we were distracted by the view. the park looks amazing now. next time i'll take some photos of the roses too.  luckily we managed to snap most of the photos by the time we were politely asked to leave. we took a couple more though for safety as we were grabbing our bikes and went on our way. it was later that day that we saw the double rainbow so this was pretty much a perfect day. it's a shame my outfit is so crumpled, i swear i ironed both the dragonfly top and the polka dot shorts before leaving home. yes, these are shorts, which makes them super practical for bike riding. and there's a special reason i was wearing my dragonfly shirt but i will tell you all about it later.

shirt, shorts: zara * sandals: random
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you possess every trait that i lack, by coincidence or by design

this is the first time i redeem something from chictopia and i was super excited to get these high waisted lace shorts in the mail. thank you lulu's for such an amazing reward! not only are these shorts extra comfy and delicate but they also possess a certain vintage vibe that i adore. i remember my mom used to have a similar pair when i was growing up, only they were kinda rigid and i used to think they were hideous back them. who knew i would be sporting something like this years later. i really wanted to keep the vintage feel and wore a peach flowy top and my pistachio loafers with these. we took a day trip out of town yesterday and i was so inspired by the landscape. the various shades of green, the gorgeous blue sky and the rainbow after the light rain really made my day. i was really happy to have found this wheat field  full of poppies as the background for my photos. i can smell summer in the air and i have already started day dreaming about my summer vacation.

shorts: lulu's * top: amisu * loafers: bb up
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rainbows apologize for angry skies

i want to share with you guys the most beautiful thing i've seen this weekend. i can't even remember the last time i saw a double rainbow.
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baby i'm howlin for you

i love following fashion trends and keeping up with what is in and what goes out of fashion. but i always pick and choose the things that suit me best and go well with my body type and personality. i never go out and buy loads of whatever is new and trending because that's just not me. i don't want to look out of a catalog and i wouldn't want to portray myself as something i am not. so what i do is i search for my favorite trend of the season and hit the stores. sometimes i'm lucky enough to find what i am looking for in the thrift stores, like i did last year when i was looking out for a pleated skirt (check it out here). this season i decided neon is not for me and went for the high-low dress as my season staple. i picked this one up a couple of months ago when the weather was pretty terrible and couldn't wait for a chance to wear it on a sunny day. i heard the other day this is also known as a mullet dress, which i think is hilarious. what is your favorite trend for this season?

 dress: stradivarius * boots: jeffrey campbell
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sail away with me honey

i never appreciate the fact that we have a river running through the city more than i do during the warm seasons. there's all sorts of activities you can do on the river but my favorite one must be sipping on apple & mint lemonades after a long bike ride on the deck terrace of one of the boats. since we are still enjoying this splendid weather it doesn't take much to get dressed, and not to mention it makes my life so much easier. i just threw on a nautical inspired romper, sandals and my heart shaped sunnies and i was ready to pedal my way to the boat. very practical and very appropriate for the location. too bad the boat doesn't sail, i could spend the entire day on it. maybe next time i'm there i'll just cut the ropes that hold it to the shore and we can all go for a ride.

romper: amisu * bag, sandals: zara * ring: h&m
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never was a cornflake girl

it was great to get a few days off work and enjoy the long weekend. not only did i have time to read and relax, watch my favorite tv shows and do some cleaning around the house, but i also finally managed to get my summer clothes out from storage. my stuff doesn't fit in the wardrobe anymore (it hasn't actually in quite a long time) so i have to store the things i don't wear under the bed. there's plenty of room there for all my thingies and so i keep my summer clothes there during the winter and vice versa. i surely missed all my summer dresses and it's such a treat to see them again after all these months. it's as if i was shopping my own closet. i was super anxious to wear this thrifted dress again, which i thought would be perfect for riding my bike around town because it doesn't blow up in my face with the wind. i've been drawn to the vintage side of my wardrobe lately  as you can see. and there's more to come.

 dress,sandals, belt: thifted * hat: meli melo
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