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tonight a special memory serves me

as i was telling you in my previous post, i attended my 10 year high school reunion last weekend and it sent me on a long trip down memory lane. actually, the fact alone of visiting my home town brings back so many memories every time. spending so much time with my ex colleagues made me think of all the beautiful friendships i established during those years, friendships that stood the test of time. my best friend in the world was my classmate during high school and we are super close even now when we are miles apart. i hang out all the time with my friends who were also in my class or in the same high school. no wonder i got all sentimental and decided to dig my old graduation party dress out from the closet and give it a try. i was so anxious to see if it would still fit me, and it did, as a glove. the dress was custom made because i wanted to make sure i was wearing something one of a kind. who knew i would be a visionary and this slit would be so famous nowadays (am i giving angelina a run for her money or what?). i took the photos in front of my parent's apartment building because this is were i took some pictures with my mom and my sister right before my graduation party 10 years ago.

dress: custom made * shoes: filty


  1. how nice! do you have the photos from 2002? :)

  2. @daria: yes, i do have them at home but they are very poor quality, so i didn't know if i should share them or not. maybe i'll get them next time :)

  3. a nice try and a veeeery nice outfit :)