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(get off your) high horse

hope you guys enjoyed the weekend as much as i did. i spent as much time outdoors as i could, hanging out with friends. among other activities, i  went cherry picking, had a picnic and tried to befriend some horses. The horses were the best part of this weekend. We see them every time we stop by this meadow but i’ve only summoned the courage to approach them now. You have to be extra careful when you are around a mother with her baby, so i was trying to make friends with her first and hoping i would have a shot at petting the baby horse or the other female. No luck this time, though. But she was so nice and friendly and those pretty eyes melted my heart. Hope she liked my outfit, though I’m not really sure how horses feel about stripes. I was trying to be comfy and covered up because i get bitten by insects all the time when i’m outside. This shirt is pretty special to me, though it may seem silly to you. i had it made before my first placebo concert back when i was studying at the university. i'm saving up for the summer vacation so i'm trying to make the best of my closet instead of going out and buying new stuff.

 dress: amisu * shirt: thrifted, custom print * sandals: random

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  1. Iubesc caii! Pozele sunt minunate si imi place tare tinuta ta!

    P.S: Organizez un concurs pe blogul meu. Te invit sa te inscrii. :)