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incredible India

namaste! my first weekend in india was spent driving around chennai city. chennai is huge, but luckily our driver took us to all the cool spots in no time. traffic was not that bad since it was sunday, but it's quite hard to get used to all the honking. the weather was pretty hot and humid but not unbearable. my favorite part was visiting the hindu temples. it was quite an overwhelming experience and made me feel humble and blessed. i also enjoyed going to the marina beach and dipping my feet in the indian ocean. but i think the most overwhelming thing of all for me are all the scents and flavors india has to offer. i never thought i would actually enjoy it so much but the food here is amazing. i'm eating so much more these days because i want to try everything out. fruits taste even better here, and apparently now it's mango season so i've been gulping on mangos every day. 2 weeks here surely is not enough to get a sense of india as a whole but i am lucky to be able to experience this much for now.

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