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it's all about the journey, not the destination

work was such a drag last week, so i cannot tell you guys how much i was looking forward to this weekend. this was my second weekend here in india and i couldn't wait to travel a bit. southern india is more traditional and people here are very religious. i was really surprised to see the number of temples here, big and small, round every corner and how devoted people are in preserving and adorning them. we first visited the shore temple in the city of mahabalipuram which dates back to the 8th century and has been classified as an unesco world heritage site. the temple is dedicated to the gods shiva and vishnu. just as we were getting closer to the temple i noticed the place was swarming with dragonflies. my heart melted then and there. it was most rewarding to be in the presence of such natural beauty. i recently got a dragonfly tattoo on my ribcage so you can imagine just how dear these creatures are to me. they surely made my day. if we had stopped our journey then i would have declared myself most satisfied. but luckily we didn't and i have lots more to share with you.

tank top: zara * harem pants: bershka * sandals: thifted * bag: benvenuti

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