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florence and the art machine

the third day of our vacation in italy was spent wandering around the beautiful city of florence. to some it is the most beautiful city in italy, but for very sentimental reasons, which i will share with you later, rome will always be my favorite. the first thing you notice about florence is that it is full of art. this was in fact the birthplace of the renaissance and home of the powerful medici family, who were huge collectors of art. you can get a picture of how influential the medici were by how often you see their coat of arms displayed around every corner of the city. you can't even begin to understand how big the duomo is until you have climbed up on the palazzo vecchio and you have seen it from above in its full splendour. similarly, you cannot appreciate the beauty of the ponte vecchio until you walk on to the next bridge and see it from a distance. it's all a matter of perspective.

dress, sandals: no label * sunnies: h&m

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