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rabbit hearted girl

This is a gift it comes with a price
Who is the lamb and who is the knife
Midas is king and he holds me so tight
And turns me to gold in the sunlight
(Florence And The Machine - Rabbit Heart (raise It Up))

ok, so this song has nothing to do with my outfit today, but it's been on my mind all day long ,  and so I thought I'd share it with you. I haven't done any black and white outfits lately, so I thought I should put my suspenders to good use and start from that. the pants seemed to go great with them, I put on a simple black top and then added the fedora to make it more dramatic. I think fedoras in general go very well with the suspenders. it's as simple as that.

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play the part

I should have taken these pictures earlier in the day. now I'm just tired and sleepy and can barely keep my eyes opened. but I had a wonderful evening at the theatre where I saw a play based on a novel by Mihail Bulgakov called "Heart of a dog". went straight from work, so this is again an outfit that was supposed to take me from day to night, which it did quite gracefully if I can say so myself.

dress: H&M; cardigan: H&M; belt: thrifted; boots: afrodita (?)
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comfy cozy chunky

knits are such an it thing right now, and even though I don't usually follow trends, I am really glad they are. I already have a bunch of them stashed up in my closet and can't wait to get them out. the good thing is I don't have to go around and buy new stuff. I have a bunch of scarves that I've knitted myself, some knitted by my mom or by a friend of mine. I also have some knitted cardigans that I really like, and my favorite of all is this beige chunky one I bought a couple years ago at the flea market. it's so cozy  and comfortable. I took advantage of the warm weekend weather and took my cardi out for a stroll. I paired it with some burberry print pants (thrifted  and altered), black top, purple scarf and bag.

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day to night

last night I went to a concert at the Philharmonic Orchestra. I didn't have much time to change after work so I simply pulled my day skirt up, the one in the previous post, and turned it into a dress. I am totally digging the day to night outfits. I told you I love this skirt so much mostly because of the color but also for it's versatility. I changed the belt,  braided my hair on the side to give it  a more "less casual" look and I was ready to go. had a wonderful night with my friends, listening to Wagner and Brahms, and then a drink in a cozy little bar.

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on the rooftop shouting

the weather was so gorgeous today, so I decided to take another trip to the rooftop of my building during my lunch break. the sky looked amazing and the city was at my feet. such a nice feeling. an old song popped into mind (It’s a crack, I’m back yeah standing/ On the rooftops shouting out,/Baby I’m ready to go - Republica: Ready to go). I am wearing one of my favorite skirts, an old DIY project of mine. I have a huge thing for purple and this dark purple is one of my favorite shades. I kept the rest of the ensemble rather simple with black and white, so that the skirt really pops out.

cardigan: H&M, wife beater: no label; skirt: DIY; booties: no label; necklace: pull&bear
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the sun smiled at me

woke up this morning in a very playful mood. luckily, the weather woke up in the same mood too. it was so sunny and warm outside I decided to go on the rooftop and take some pictures outdoors for a change. it was actually too sunny, I was frowning and making faces in almost all of the pictures because the sun kept getting in my eyes. I tried to translate my playful mood into my outfit of course. I started with my grey jumper dress which I wore over a purple t-shirt, then added some purple knee length socks over my white tights, put on my booties and a cardigan for warmth. layers, layers, layers... love them. oh, and my chair necklace of course, which I've been wearing non stop since I got it. damn, this outfit is too fun for a day at the office. I should be going to a fun fair or something. oh, well...

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chictopia love

one of my outfits (first from the left) was featured on chictopia's style gallery. I am so excited. thanks, you guys! you made my day!!!

* quick update. they just did it again. thanks :)

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doll it up

I went back home this weekend to visit my parents. went thrift shopping on saturday morning but it was quite unsuccessful. it happens sometimes. but that doesn't mean I left home empty handed. my mom gave me this gorgeous knitted shawl that she's had for ages. I'll have to check with her, but I'm pretty sure this shawl is older than I am. it instantly made me get all dressed up and fancy. got myself all dolled up with a strapless purple dress, striped stockings and a pony tail and let the shawl do it's magic.

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le foulard magnifique

my very talented friend Dorota made me the most awesome tunnel scarf. it's purple of course... my obsession with purple has no limits. it is very versatile, it goes with a lot of outfits and can be worn so many different ways. she also made me some cute flowers in black and purple. merci, Doro!

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punk the 20s

today I pulled out my "girls from the 20s" t-shirt from the closet and decided to make the girls more modern. and what else can be further away from the 20s then a pair of punked up jeans. found these jeans at a sale a couple of years ago and fell in love with them on the spot. I loved the stars on the legs and the studs on the back pocket. they actually looked custom made. they had this huge rip close to the front pocket, but that just made them more interesting. I gathered some safety pins I could find round the house and put them across the rip and then added some badges. my favorite one is the one with a girl and a boy that says " I chase boys" (thanks again Patricia for a thoughtful gift). I am sure my girls are pleased with the result.

pants: sabotage; t-shirt: bershka; cardigam: missy glam(?); boots: no name
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tea with the cherry blossom girls

I am so in love with my new chair necklace. it makes me feel like a little kid again. I wanna invite the cherry blossom girls on my t-shirt to a tea party, sitting in small chairs, sipping tea from cute little tea cups, and eating cup cakes (I am actually wearing a pair of cookie earrings - one of them is a slice of cake and the other one is a donut; I promise to take a close picture of them sometime). unfortunately I am getting ready for work, not a tea party, but it's good I'm all charged up with some fresh child like energy.

pants: no name; t-shirt: zara; cardigan: etam; necklace: pull&bear
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hair cut and a dreadlock

today was all about my hair. first my fabulous friend Nati (looove her) came by to trim my bangs. I don't usually let my bangs grow as much so I was really looking forward to get them cut. and then later in the day my friend Ale came by to do a dreadlock. I've been wanting dreadlocks for a long time but I'm quite sure they will  not suit me, so I figured if I only had one done I can see the way it looks and feels and still keep my hairstyle. win win.

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les TIM’PROPHONIES à Timisoara

my wonderful friends Dorota and Michael from the French Lectureship at the West University of Timisoara are putting together a series of improv theatre shows. if you are around, make sure you go check them out. more details here.

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nerd wear

I've been obsessed lately with a song from editors called papillon. papillon means butterfly in french, and nœud papillon means bow tie. so yesterday I remembered I had a bow tie somewhere. I got it at sziget festival a couple of years ago, they were actually handing them out for free. and so, I started creating my outfit around this bow tie. I usually create the outfit for the next day in the evening, before going to sleep. usually I do this in my head, but last night I couldn't resist putting it on. I kept it simple and nerdy with black jeans, white shirt and a checkered cardigan. I like to goof around from time to time. I did go to work dressed like this. luckily my boss has a sense of humour.

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fleurs dans l'obscurité

I was trying to set up a mood, put on a warm light to complement the colors in my outfit, but it just didn't work the way I wanted. the lighting in my room is really weird. plus my camera is kinda old, so that doesn't help either. anyway, this little dress is another treasure I thrifted in some second hand shop a couple of years ago. I love the feeling of discovering such pieces. after all this time it's still in pretty good shape, even though the hem could use a little work. love the chinese cut of the dress and the cute flowers. plus the color palette is really nice. I might have stretched my luck a bit too hard wearing a summer dress on this cold weather. hope I don't catch a cold. this will be the last time... I think I said that last time.

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strict machine

found this dress in a second hand shop, and I loved how serious and strict it looked. I knew I could funk it up a few different ways. usually I go with bright color tights, that always brightens up any outfit. I love the way black and purple look together, so I put on some purple tights and swapped the original belt for a thrifted purple one. but I still kinda look like a fräulein or a dominatrix, not that I mind :)

dress: orsay, thrifted
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