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hair cut and a dreadlock

today was all about my hair. first my fabulous friend Nati (looove her) came by to trim my bangs. I don't usually let my bangs grow as much so I was really looking forward to get them cut. and then later in the day my friend Ale came by to do a dreadlock. I've been wanting dreadlocks for a long time but I'm quite sure they will  not suit me, so I figured if I only had one done I can see the way it looks and feels and still keep my hairstyle. win win.

1 comment:

  1. Love the new bangs - it really makes you're eyes pop out! The color is great too!

    Oh, wow, thank you very much miha!

    Haha, I live in Norway :p I live in the country, so I'm lucky enough to have some awesome locations for shoots <3