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Up and away in my wonderful balloon

SkinnyBuddha medium blonde haircut

Well, here I am, just about ready to pop! I feel and I look like I swallowed a gigantic balloon. But never mind that, I am feeling great. And besides, the thing I want to talk about is my brand new haircut. I felt the need for a change, and I figured there won't be too much time once the baby arrives, so I booked an appointment at my favorite salon and went for a trim. I had been planning this for a while but was a bit hesitant to say goodbye to my golden locks. Now I feel liberated, and this will surely be a lot easier to take care of in the next coming months. I will keep growing my roots and this seemed to be the perfect cut for the transition period. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen I had some nice curls in it, but with the way I toss and turn at night lately, I couldn't keep them in time for this shoot. Hope you guys like it!

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The fall coats sisterhood

Skinny Buddha B.A.D Style light grey coat

With all the changes going on in my life right now, I decided it was time to give my blog a make-over. After all, it's been my baby for 6 years now and it deserves a change once in a while. This post is double important to me, not only because I am debuting the new face of the blog, but also because I got to work with 2 amazing fashion bloggers friends of mine. I met Laura back in 2012 at a store opening and we've been friends ever since. Until then we never met face to face, although we lived in the same city, but we were both following each other's blog. Now we are constantly hanging out together and we are shooting each other's looks for the blog. Behind the camera this time, shooting these fabulous coats that she designed for us is our dear friend Adriana Delia Barar, and she is both a fashion blogger and a designer. I really love how the coats turned out, and we are both rocking them in our own style! Make sure you check out Laura's post as well, here!

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Great expectations

Skinny Buddha tribal print cardigan

You know how they say when you are pregnant that you are expecting? It's funny but I've never thought about it until a friend of mine brought it up. Truth be told, I never gave it too much thought because it wasn't until this week that the expecting part actually began for me. I have been at home, away from work, for a month and a half now and I have kept pretty busy with the blog and all, shopping for the baby, a bit of redecorating and whatnot. But now that everything is ready and I have a lot more time on my hands, this is where the part where I am actually expecting for the baby to come has arrived. I am still reading a lot, started re-watching Gilmore Girls (seems only appropriate with a baby girl on the way), going swimming and working on the blog, but I do have moments in the day where I just lay there and think this is it, the baby could come any minute now. It might still take a couple of weeks but I don't mind, I actually like the expecting part.

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Counting down the days

Skinny Buddha white sweater dress

Well, we are officially starting the countdown. The baby can come any day now, but it might still be a few weeks before she makes her appearance. So in case I pull a disappearing act from the blog, you'll know why. I'm anxious and excited and to be honest not fully ready for this but hey, who is? I haven't been sleeping very well lately, but other than that I feel great. Been trying to exercise more and even though I've been skipping yoga lately I try to go swimming at least a couple of days a week. I'm telling you, swimming is the best thing you can do, especially in your last trimester. The water takes up all your weight, you get to exercise all your muscle groups, not to mention how relaxed you feel at the end. Although you might not feel like it, another great way to lift up your spirits is to go shopping. I recently got this great white sweater dress and I want to wear it non stop, it's the coziest thing ever. And it will be the perfect thing to wear post baby, when you're not quite yet back into shape.

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The cardigan remix

Skinny Buddha SheIn cardigan sales

Hurray, one of my all time favorite sweaters in now on sale! Get yours here! And if you need a bit of inspiration, here are a couple of ways I wore it so far.

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Take a cue from the boys

Skinny Buddha boyfriend sweatshirt

There's never been a better time to borrow from your guy's closet! Pregnancy gives you the best excuse to do this, or to shop from the men's section. And even if you are not pregnant, the cold season is perfect for taking a peek into your guy's wardrobe for inspiration. I absolutely love this cozy sweatshirt, and of course I get double credit for buying it for my husband, because now we can both wear it. I recently got my first gig as a personal shopper, and my first client is a male friend of ours. So I did a lot of shopping in the men's department lately and believe me ladies, there are a lot of hidden gems in there. I'm definitely going back and getting some cozy oversized sweaters for myself and some scarves as well.

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All of this and nothing

Skinny Buddha maternity houndstooth cardigan

I have reached a point where most of my clothes don't fit me anymore and I am left with only a couple of sweaters to wear. I was really happy to stumble upon this wrap cardigan in a houndstooth print and I got it in size M to make sure it will wrap nicely all around my expanding baby bump. The only downside was the sleeves are a bit too long, but I like them rolled up better anyway.  I obviously can't fit into any of my old pants either, but I picked up this neat trick where you pull an elastic band over and through the button hole and pull the other end around the button and it works really well, but you need a long tee or tank top to cover the front which is exposed. This saved me from spending lots of money on maternity pants. There's lots of ways to still stay chic during pregnancy, working with items you've already got in your closet, you just need to get a bit creative sometimes. 

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Words like violence break the silence

Skinny Buddha khaki fringe bag

I normally would have posted this on Monday, like I always do, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. It feels weird resuming my blogging activities while people are out there in the streets trying to make a difference, but I have to do this to regain a sense of normalcy. A thousands thoughts have swarmed through my mind these past few difficult days but it's quite hard to put them into words. My country has been and still is in mourning after the tragic events of Friday night when a fire occurred at Colectiv club, during a concert. My thoughts go out to all the victims and their families. I've been numb these past few days, my feelings ranging from sadness and grief to despair and anger. I have to get back to a calmer state of mind because it doesn't do me any good and it certainly isn't good for my baby either. It makes me wonder what kind of world I am bringing her into and question what can I do to make things better for her and for us. Our power system is rotten and corrupt and we will not be able to change it over night. But I do have to say I've been amazed by people's reactions these days and truly impressed by the way they mobilized their efforts to help the victims in any way they could. It gives me hope that we as a people have grown and that my generation still has the power to fight and change things for the better. I have to keep a positive attitude and move forward, taking small steps. There is no other option. 

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