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I wear the pants in this house

it sure took a while, but I finally found the khakis I've been craving for. shopping for pants has always been a hassle for me, and I try and avoid it as much as I can. I can never get a good fit, they're either too big and bulky on the hips, or they are too short, and lately I've stumbled upon a couple of pairs that were too tight around my ankles. and my legs are so skinny, so how is that possible? I hate altering pants so I don't really buy them from thrift stores, but then again even if chain stores do offer a wide selection, the proportions are always off. well, I'm glad all this drama is over and I found what I was looking for. now I need to focus more on getting some new skirts and dresses, cuz the weather is just wonderful and hopefully it will stay that way. some easter presents shopping is also needed, since I am going home visiting my parents in a couple of days. truth be told, these pants were actually my easter present to myself. I've been such a good girl, what can I say :)

shirt: colors of the world * pants: stradivarius * belt: thrifted * scarf: gift * shoes: red lips
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challenge accepted. outfit #5

dress: street  one * t-shirt: thrifted * tights: fiore * shoes: converse
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challenge accepted. outfit #4

shirt: h&m * tank top: zara * pants: unknown * tights: fiore * shoes: dgm
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challenge accepted. outfit #3

t-shirt: zara * shorts: abercrombie&fitch, thrifted * tights: fiore * shoes: dgm
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challenge accepted. outfit #2

dress: h&m * tights: fiore * shoes: dgm
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challenge accepted

the color yellow is nonexistent in my wardrobe. I never cared much about this color and I am still sure it would not suit me, contrary to what horoscopes might say. I guess for me yellow, along with pink are off limits. but then again, pink is another story. getting back to the present issue, I was one day shopping for some colored tights (one cannot have too many, right?) and for some reason these yellow ones called to me. I tried to fight the feeling but still their call was much too strong. I knew then and there this was a challenge. if I would ever allow yellow into my wardrobe it would be in the form of tights. so I said to myself: challenge accepted. I took them home and decided to put together 5 different outfits that would incorporate them. for the duration of this week I will present to you one outfit a day, even though the shots were all taken in the same day. it would be weird after all to walk around in the same pair of tights all week. so here's the first one. let me know what you think :)

dress: extrose * tights: fiore * boots: amanda * bag: vintage
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the french connection

now that spring has decided to stay, it's time to recharge the batteries. I spent the weekend soaking up some sun, strolling down sunny streets, thrift shopping, reading a book in open air and plain enjoying life outside the apartment. it's comforting to put on a pair of jeans, a top and a light jacket and enjoy some good weather for a change. the weekend is the time to sleep in, relax and wear comfortable, effortless clothes. to me the french best embody effortless chic, so I kinda drew inspiration from that to put together a relaxed weekend look: the stripped shirt, the rolled up skinny jeans, the faux oxfords and the high bun. I felt indeed quite french walking around in this little ensemble. la vie est belle, n'est-ce pas?

jacket: clockhouse, thrifted * top: h&m, thifted * jeans: vero moda, thrifted * shoes: red lips

here's a bonus, my favorite graffiti in the city :)
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architectural inspiration

today's outfit, though very simple, was inspired by the architecture of friedensreich hundertwasser. I bought these earrings from a handmade designer a while ago and they represent a typical hundertwasser building, very colorful and lacking any straight lines. if you hold them against the light you can actually see through the little windows. so I wanted my outfit to contain a bold color, in this case orange, and then use similar colors for the shirt and pants so they kind of blend in and you can't really tell where one begins and one ends. unfortunately there wasn't anyone around today to take my picture and I had to do it by myself in the mirror. I don't like doing this. my new camera is on it's way, it should be here in a couple of weeks. can't wait!

 cardigan: thrifted * t-shirt: zara * pants: terranova
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oh what a fine day

just like dexter (the cartoon character, not the series) I woke up this morning trying to say oh what a fine day for science (well, in my case fashion) and something just didn't sound quite right. I haven't been feeling quite well for the past few days and I really needed to put something on to get me out of this funk. I tried several things on and nothing seemed to work. polka dots didn't do the trick, purple didn't do it either (oh my!). I knew color tights might just be it, so I put on my blue ones and worked my way around them. a denim skirt seemed the right choice, and then I added a checkered red shirt. red would surely keep my spirits up. the whole thing turned out a bit americana/cowboy looking with the studded boots and all, but at least it's fun. sometimes I tend to take fashion too seriously, so it's ok to have fun and goof around from time to time.

cardigan, shirt: h&m * skirt: esprit, thrifted * tights: fiore
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whisper in my ear

I've been meaning to do a post on earrings for a long time now , but for some reason never managed to do it. accessories are really important to me and earrings are my all time favorite. I never leave the house without them. I feel that every outfit need to be accessorized, but choosing the right accessories an the right amount of accessories is crucial. they can make or break an outfit. I think one of the the things that motivated me to do this post now is the fact that my little earring box is becoming too full and I either need a bigger one or I need to stop buying earrings. it's an addiction I tell you. and as it always happens when you develop an obsession of this kind, your friends tend to encourage it. a lot of my earrings where gifts from my friends. I do not discriminate, so I like my earrings in every shape, color and size possible. I even wear the ones that lost their pair, I just pair them up with other single earrings . nothing is lost, everything is recycled. so here is the entire collection and a few of my favorites.

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layers unfold

I remember when I began this blog it was early autumn and I was so excited about layers and layers and comfy cozy clothes. now, as I am living this never ending winter I cannot wait to get rid of these layers and coats and walk around in flowy, airy dresses. today, as a symbolic gesture I shed my layers. I say symbolic because I had to put them back on after I took the pictures, to stay warm. as much as I love scarves, long cardigans, hats, gloves and leggings (which I have to wear with a pair of tights underneath so I can stay warm), I would love to bury them deep in the closet only to find them next fall. oh, spring won't you hurry up, can't you hear us calling you? and by the way, isn't it weird that we're all waiting for spring to come and yet all the designers are showing us on runways their fall wear? what are we to do with such information so early on?

cardigan: terranova * scarf: meli melo * shirt: h&m, thrifted * leggings: stradivarius
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talking about inspiration, which in some cases is just a fancy word for copying, I think I might have had cloƩ's fall collection in the back of my mind when I put together today's look. the abundance of neutrals in their show gave me such a warm and cozy feeling inside and they all seemed kind of vintage pieces. woke up this morning and it's snowing. again. looks like spring is reluctant to make an appearance. I can't even bother to be angry about the weather anymore. I decided I'll just be neutral. I put on my beige burberry print pants (oh, how I wish I could have a pair of real burberry pants, or anything burberry for that matter), a caramel undershirt, and a black wrap blouse. I can't help but feel really good about my outfit because all the pieces I am wearing are thrifted, so it basically cost me next to nothing to get dressed today.

 shirt, blouse and pants: thirfted
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pull the curtains down

I am sure everyone is just as excited as I am about alice in wonderland. I saw it a couple of days ago and it was glorious. being a huge jonny depp/ tim burton fan, I was sure I was in for a treat. I am not going to give anything away for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but let me tell you I LOVED the costumes. ok, I am going to give something away, so spoiler alert! the outfit I loved the most was the dress made from curtains, that alice wore. it was simply amazing. it reminded me of this patchwork dress I got last year from a local designer. after that, I couldn't bear the thought of having to wait til summer to wear it, so I decided to wear it a bit around the house while taking some pics. these pictures don't do it justice though. each piece of fabric is fabulous, I love the rich dark colors, and the fact that it's asymmetrical. oh, and it has hidden pockets, how cute is that?

dress: mihaela cretescu design * tights: fiore * boots: amanda
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in chains

I am not one to strictly follow trends. I do draw inspiration from them, I spend a lot of time researching online and reading fashion magazines, but I rarely copy a trend. occasionally, I do find something that is really inspiring and I try and incorporate it into my outfits. let's take for example pilled up chains, which is not even in trend anymore. like they say: that's so like 5 minutes ago. I'm all for bad ass rocker chick looks, so that called out to me immediately. I just had to wait until I got my hands on a bunch of chains, to be able to pull this look off. I knew I wanted to keep the rest simple, so the white wife beater was a must. wife beater, that's so funny... I remember laughing so hard the first time I heard that's what you call these things. a balmain strong shoulder jacket would have worked wonderfully, but since that is still an impossible dream to a girl on a budget like me, my jacket will do. the black and white plaid pants are kinda punk, so I thought they would go great together with the rest of the ensemble, and plus, I didn't want to break the black and white theme I was going for. in the end, since the outfit was busy enough with all the chains, I decided to put on a bunch of black and silver rings to add just a bit more drama, the karl lagerfeld way.

 jacket: pimkie * pants: no label * top: zara * random chains and necklaces
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