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I wear the pants in this house

it sure took a while, but I finally found the khakis I've been craving for. shopping for pants has always been a hassle for me, and I try and avoid it as much as I can. I can never get a good fit, they're either too big and bulky on the hips, or they are too short, and lately I've stumbled upon a couple of pairs that were too tight around my ankles. and my legs are so skinny, so how is that possible? I hate altering pants so I don't really buy them from thrift stores, but then again even if chain stores do offer a wide selection, the proportions are always off. well, I'm glad all this drama is over and I found what I was looking for. now I need to focus more on getting some new skirts and dresses, cuz the weather is just wonderful and hopefully it will stay that way. some easter presents shopping is also needed, since I am going home visiting my parents in a couple of days. truth be told, these pants were actually my easter present to myself. I've been such a good girl, what can I say :)

shirt: colors of the world * pants: stradivarius * belt: thrifted * scarf: gift * shoes: red lips


  1. Oh Love that color combo! Purple looks so good on you:) Ohhh and there's an award for you on my blog :D

  2. I really like those pants, and I am usually not a fan of khaki. Maybe it's time I try them myself :)

  3. Cute! Lovin the cropped pants. What a great look :)

    xoxo Maria