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happy accidents

the story of how and why I bought my fedora goes like this: a couple of years ago me and my work colleagues decided to wear men's suits for the christmas party. we thought fedoras would be a nice touch so we went to the bazaar to search for really cheap ones, since most girls were sure they wouldn't have any other occasion to wear them. me, I knew the fedora could be easily incorporated in all sorts of outfits. I remember once I was going to a party hosted by a small circus company and I was so proud to wear my fedora, thinking I would make quite an entry. not only were half the people there wearing hats, mostly the circus people, but even the members of one of the bands playing were wearing them. now, going back to my outfit, I had everything set up: the denim skirt, the blue and white stripped shirt, the white tights, the belt. all I needed were the shoes. as I was reaching to grab the shoe box from the top of the closet, the fedora fell and I thought to myself what a great idea. it would go great with the retro vibe of my outfit. does it look a bit like bonnie wearing clyde's hat?

shirt: tom tailor, thrifted * skirt: esprit, thrifted * shoes: dgm * fedora: from the bazaar

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