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whisper in my ear

I've been meaning to do a post on earrings for a long time now , but for some reason never managed to do it. accessories are really important to me and earrings are my all time favorite. I never leave the house without them. I feel that every outfit need to be accessorized, but choosing the right accessories an the right amount of accessories is crucial. they can make or break an outfit. I think one of the the things that motivated me to do this post now is the fact that my little earring box is becoming too full and I either need a bigger one or I need to stop buying earrings. it's an addiction I tell you. and as it always happens when you develop an obsession of this kind, your friends tend to encourage it. a lot of my earrings where gifts from my friends. I do not discriminate, so I like my earrings in every shape, color and size possible. I even wear the ones that lost their pair, I just pair them up with other single earrings . nothing is lost, everything is recycled. so here is the entire collection and a few of my favorites.


  1. That is a lot of earrings! Love the cage/mesh ones.



  2. your earrings are super cute! I love accessories as well but for whatever reason, I don't wear earrings very often, however I do appreciate them. I should really start wearing them...

  3. You really have some beautiful earrings! I love those mesh looking ones, they're so unique! Hmm maybe you could make a jewelry box?

  4. Very nice earrings!

    xx Alex