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pull the curtains down

I am sure everyone is just as excited as I am about alice in wonderland. I saw it a couple of days ago and it was glorious. being a huge jonny depp/ tim burton fan, I was sure I was in for a treat. I am not going to give anything away for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but let me tell you I LOVED the costumes. ok, I am going to give something away, so spoiler alert! the outfit I loved the most was the dress made from curtains, that alice wore. it was simply amazing. it reminded me of this patchwork dress I got last year from a local designer. after that, I couldn't bear the thought of having to wait til summer to wear it, so I decided to wear it a bit around the house while taking some pics. these pictures don't do it justice though. each piece of fabric is fabulous, I love the rich dark colors, and the fact that it's asymmetrical. oh, and it has hidden pockets, how cute is that?

dress: mihaela cretescu design * tights: fiore * boots: amanda

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