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the booties, they are calling me

I am beginning to surprise myself more and more each day. it seems like since I started this blog, I have made choices I would have never made before. I seem to be pushing myself to think about certain things in different ways. being part of such an amazing community like that of the fashion bloggers has truly been an inspiration. now, to the people who know me, and most important to myself, the outfit I am about to share with you will come as a surprise. the story goes like this, cause there's always a story (or an excuse) behind every new purchase: a while ago I got this amazing brown vintage purse, but I had no shoes to wear it with. I know nobody cares anymore about matching shoes and purses or accessories in general for that matter, but I insisted to do it. the purse is quite elegant and it didn't go with any of my shoes, most of them being black anyway. so I had been on the lookout for the perfect brown shoes ever since. it wasn't until this sunday that I found them. it's providence I tell you. very conveniently, there's a shoe store on the first floor of my building which is open on sundays (what were the chances?). now, the problem was the only pair I really really liked had high heels, and I haven't bought a pair of high heels since high school. I find them most uncomfortable and I wasn't even sure I would still remember how to walk in high heels. but I had to get them, I just had to. and my purse couldn't be happier that is has a new companion. check them out, aren't they cute?

shirt/dress: h&m, thifted *  tights: charme * boots: amanda * purse: vintage


  1. your outfit is really cute and I think going with the heels was a good choice..but the best part is your hair! I seriously love love your hair : )

  2. Wow, it is a beautiful outfit and I agree with Liz, your hair is great!

    My personal style blog has improved my style and sense of fashion as well!

  3. those sleeves are bewitching, I really like your short bangs too.