there are sometimes the occasional days when you feel like dressing down. you want to blend in and pass around unnoticed. for me these are usually slow mornings when I feel lazy and sleepy and the weather outside offers no inspiration. I feel like curling back into bed, a book in hand and a cup of green tea, while watching the rain hitting my window. unfortuantely that is not an option on weekdays, so when I cannot seem to shake the laziness off me, I turn to grays to cover me up and keep me safe in my bubble. as you can tell, it's one of those days and I chose black, white and grey to wear. truth be told, I am wearing purple nail polish, so there is hope for better days.  I cannot wait for spring to come, and I hate this transition period when it's cold and windy, it rains all the time and it's so muddy. but I guess by the time I took the pictures my mood was up, as you can see I was attempting some quirky poses. attempting, I said :)

cardigan, pants: unknown brand * shirt: orsay


  1. I love this outfit :)

    Love vanilla

  2. Oh, I think this outfit is super cute! I love the way the pants fit! I admit I am wearing mostly grey myself today. Though I REALLY like grey. I have a tendency to wear neutrals in the winter... Though I am trying to shake that!!