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talking about inspiration, which in some cases is just a fancy word for copying, I think I might have had cloé's fall collection in the back of my mind when I put together today's look. the abundance of neutrals in their show gave me such a warm and cozy feeling inside and they all seemed kind of vintage pieces. woke up this morning and it's snowing. again. looks like spring is reluctant to make an appearance. I can't even bother to be angry about the weather anymore. I decided I'll just be neutral. I put on my beige burberry print pants (oh, how I wish I could have a pair of real burberry pants, or anything burberry for that matter), a caramel undershirt, and a black wrap blouse. I can't help but feel really good about my outfit because all the pieces I am wearing are thrifted, so it basically cost me next to nothing to get dressed today.

 shirt, blouse and pants: thirfted


  1. oh I love your pants, they're great, very burberry-esque:) I love burberry too, I get happy just wearing their perfume lol! You look great!!=)

  2. I love your fringe - really suits you. kind of betty paige! :)


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  3. I like the tan top underneath, very on the "new minimalist" trend for next season haha!