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Get cozy in these fantastic sweaters

Skinny Buddha Sheinside cozy sweaters

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Procrastination is the word of the season. Once the cold wave hits us we tend to postpone the things we need to do and instead we bundle up, stay indoors and indulge in frivolous activities. Here I am, not brave enough to sit outside in the cold and take outfit pictures. Instead, I am perusing the myriad of sales offers and dream about the coziest sweater ever. How do you like my choices so far?

Skinny Buddha Sheinside cozy sweaters

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Sweet dreams are made of this

Skinny Buddha Sofiaman bicycle pajamas

I do realize it's Monday and we need to get back to reality, but the truth is I want nothing more than to go back to my pajamas and sleep in. I visited my parents this weekend, and as per usual, activity was reduced to a minimum. I slept like a log, watched TV , which is a rare occasion since I don't own a TV, did some reading and of course indulged in my mom's cooking. A few days back I had ordered this cute pajama from Sofiaman and it arrived just in time for my trip back home. Needless to say I spent the entire weekend in it and was very reluctant to take it off when it was time to leave. The fabric is super soft and comfy, it fits me perfectly and the bicycle print is simply adorable. I really enjoyed taking some indoor photos for a change, I haven't done this in quite a while.

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You've applied the pressure to have me crystalised

Skinny Buddha Asos midi skirt embellished cardigan

I can't even remember what I set out to talk to you about in this post because I accidentally deleted the pictures I prepared and had to start all over and edit them again. You can imagine my frustration when I realized what I did. And of course, I am in a big hurry, have to get to a fashion event tonight, so I had to do this super fast. Well, I was probably going to tell you about my recent thrift adventure and how I scored this gem (pun intended) of a sweater. I don't usually like embellishments of this sort but this one had a certain appeal I just could not resist. I am probably wearing way too many colors here but they somehow work very well together and with my new hair color.

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I know, you want the sin without the sinner

Skinny Buddha all black perforated leather skirt Dany Ignat

It was about time I tried a new hair color and this time I opted for a new shade of purple and an ombre effect. There are so many colors and options out there and not enough time to try them all. I wanted to try something different with this bright bold color and went for a more edgy outfit. This Daniel Ignat perforated leather skirt is my new favorite piece. I picked it up at the Fashion Fridays Fashion Fair and its a head turner for sure. I'm feeling naughty.

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November wishlist: the perfect midi skirt

chicwish wishlist midi skirts
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What's a girl to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon but curl up in bed, sip up some hot green tea and indulge in some well deserved online shopping. I am currently coveting midi skirts this season and I found a great selection here. Let me know which one is your favorite cause I can't decide!

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My house in Budapest, my hidden treasure chest

Skinny Buddha Budapest thrifted striped sweater wool shorts

Budapest is one of those cities that I am always excited to visit. I probably go there once a year, either to music concerts or festivals, to visit friends or simply just to hang out. It's such a beautiful city! This time I was there with my work colleagues and it was a super fun trip. We hung out at my favorite bars, Vittula and Szimpla. I highly recommend them if you're into the alternative/ underground scene. 

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Every time I see you falling

gray sweater pink H&M hat ripped skinny jeans
Photos: Andrei Cacuci

While anxiously waiting for the photos from the photo shoot I had at the fall edition of the  Fashion Fridays Fair, here are some behind the scenes shots, so to speak. After wrapping up the shoot for the promo video for the next edition, I jumped at the chance to take some photos for the blog as well. For 3 days, the fair gathered fashion and jewelry designers under the roof of the Continental Hotel. This year, the fair debuted the "Out of the closet" section and I was super stoked to participate together with my friend Laura. It was the perfect occasion for us to clean out our closets and find new homes for some of our pieces. 

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There goes our love again

Skinny Buddha Sheinside hearts trench coat

Well, I know you're probably sick by now of all the heart printed shirts and coats and dresses out there, but surprisingly enough I'm not. And that's not because deep deep down I'm a romantic, not at all, although I do seem to soften a bit as I get older. I do love this very powerful symbol and what it stands for. But mostly it reminds me of young love, foolishness, rebellion and freedom. Yeap, I basically feel younger when wearing such a print. Think Lolita, think The Carrie Diaries. I took my recent acquisition, this heart printed trench coat, out for a ride this weekend to meet some fellow fashion bloggers and we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon together. Hopefully the weather will stay this nice a little bit longer so I can take it out a couple more times.

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