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in this light and on this evening

i feel like a walking ad wearing h&m from head to toe. these are a couple of things i picked up in paris and though it wasn't my original intention to wear them all at once, it so happened. everybody knows i am addicted to h&m, and it's quite painful for me that they haven't opened a store here yet. i wore the dress before at a wedding and i paired it with white lace stockings, also from h&m. the shoes have been getting a lot of wear lately, as they go with everything. i am so in love with their olive shade. but the tights, oh the tights. aren't they fabulous? my legs have never been so beautifully adorned before. it almost looks like a tattoo. i just absolutely adore them. i wanted to wear something super special for their first outing and so this dress came into play. it seems i've been heavily attracted to greens ever since i dyed my hair orange. i think these two colors complement each other so nicely.

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 dress, tights, shoes: h&m
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i am very happy to announce my very first giveaway on this blog. i was contacted a while ago by CSN stores to do a giveaway for my north american readers and i was happy to accept. CSN  is an online retailer with over 200 stores, selling everything from nightstands to fancy shoes. each online store focuses on a wide-ranging product selection that spans various price points and styles. the winner will receive a $40 Gift Certificate to use in any of the CSN stores.

please follow these simple rules to enter:
  • you  must be a resident of the US and Canada (please note there may be international shipping charges in the case of Canadian addresses). i am sorry about my international readers, i promise i'll make up for it.
  • visit CSN stores and leave a comment with a link of  your favorite product
  • if you'd like an extra chance to win, and you really love this blog, become a follower (or mention that you're a follower) and let me know in a separate comment on this post.
  • please leave your email address on each comment/entry, or make sure your profile is public. if I can't contact you, you can't win!
  •  submit your entries until october 3rd by midnight (CET). a winner will be drawn and announced on october 4th.
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and it all breaks down at the role reversal

i almost said goodbye to this romper when the shitty weather hit us, but then i realized there's no need to. put on a pair of tights, like i did in paris, and i'm set to go. since i didn't get any real decent shots of that outfit back then, i decided to give it another try, this time with my polka dotted tights. i love it when i can transition my summer pieces into fall. not sure this will work during the winter, but we'll see. my zebra flats are my absolute favorite right now. and i wear them with everything. i wore them with some striped tights last week and it looked as if i was walking around shoeless, that's how much the two faded into each other. got ahead a really busy week. i'm super busy at work, and then i'll be starting driver's lessons tomorrow. i'll be getting my licence both for driving a car and a motorcycle. i'm super excited about that, and freaked out at the same time. i should have done this years ago. it's only monday, so i gotta get my groove on. hope you have a wonderful week, and keep your fingers crossed for me.

romper: amisu * shoes : eram
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the city at my feet

it sure is wonderful to have an entire city at your feet. it's even more magical when that city is paris. while last time i was in paris i saw the city by night from the great height of the eiffel tower, that is 324 meters (1,063 ft) tall, this time we climbed the tower in the afternoon and the view was gorgeous. the sky was in a moody disposition and it would cast shadows once in a while, leaving only some parts of the city in a beautiful bright light. we took loads of pictures in front and in the back and then on top of the tower. we couldn't get enough. the light wasn't always on our side but we managed to make the best of it. it sure was overwhelming to walk around buildings that stood the test of time for hundreds of years and then see them form up above as if you ruled the city. you feel small and insignificant but at the same time you feel transported into another era. you set your mind to ignore the cars, the noises and the way people are dressed and you can almost begin to feel you are travelling back in time. that was one of the reasons i felt like wearing one of my vintage dresses. it sure wasn't from the era the buildings were born but it did give me a feeling of fitting in, if you get what i mean. i also wore my key necklace so i could open all the city's doors. and so, one by one all the mysteries of this amazing city began to unravel before my very eyes.

dress: thifted, vintage * jacket: pimkie * belt: thrifted * shoes: red lips
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stop chasing shadows, just enjoy the ride

while in paris i didn't have much time to take proper outfit shots every day, but i did manage to snap a few photos once in a while. one of our favorite thing to do in paris was ride the carousels. well, we actually only rode two of the three we stumbled upon, but given the chance we would have ridden them all. we are but little kids inside after all.  we took plenty of photos at the one in montmarte, close to sacre coeur. this one was particularly special to me because a scene from the movie amelie  was shot here. well that, and also the video for savage garden's truly madly deeply, which i am sure most of you remember even if it was so long ago. we had so much fun here and took loads of photos, or at least enough to make for a decent outfit post. there are still a lot of things i want to share with you from my trip but i don't want to deviate too much from the regular outfit posts. one of the things that i learned in paris was the importance of layering. the weather was so moody the last few days we spent there, it would turn from sunshine to cloudy and then to rain and the back to sunshine in a matter of minutes. i was wearing a short jacket in the morning which i swapped for the long rain coat in the afternoon, and the tights were real life savers.

 coat: reject * dress: pimkie * belt: thrifted * shoes: converse * tights: fiore
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escargots chez le petit bistrot

i am already beginning to feel nostalgic. these will be the pictures from my last few days in paris. let's go on with it, starting with tuesday. we had the whole day planned out. went to the orsay museum, which was the highlight of our entire trip to paris. i don't mean to keep things in suspense or tease you with such things but unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures inside the museum so you will have to take my word for it when i say it is spectacular. or you could not take my word for it and go check it out yourselves. the museum displays magnificent works of the most renowned impressionist and post-impressionist painters. we saw breathtaking paintings by van gogh, renoir, manet, monet, degas, toulouse lautrec, pissaro, sisley and so on. after wandering around for hours in the museum we headed towards la tour eiffel. we were looking for a place to eat snails at and so we stopped at a wonderful bistrot on the way, where we had some escargots and duck. bellies full, we went all the way to the top of the tower where we had an amazing panoramic view of the city and then took a stroll along champ de mars. met some friends later on that night and tried for the very first time the mouth watering macarons. wednesday turned to be a grim rainy day and so our plans were kinda ruined. we walk a myriad of complicated streets only to find the picasso museum was closed until 2012! thursday was the last day in paris for my girls and so they left after lunch. i moved into a hotel until my departure the next day and took a walk down rue saint germain. mid way through it i got caught in the rain and my already torn shoes disintegrated even more and took in loads of water. i resisted heroicly until i marked down my last targets: la sorbonne, le pantheon and place saint germain des pres. i took the metro to my hotel and ended the night with dinner and ile flottante for dessert. au revoir paris! a la prochaine!

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allez viens je t'emmene au vent

woke up on sunday morning to clear blue skies and warm weather. it was just perfect as we had to stand in line for the louvre museum for about 2 hours. it's my second time visiting the museum so i know exactly which rooms i want to see. i am mesmerized by the rich and vibrant colors and the dynamism of the paintings. we rush past the way too many religious paintings and find our way through the sculpture section. by the time we're done we're starving to death so we grab lunch at a cozy little cafe by les hales. after that we go lay on the grass in a beautiful park and then head off to the brancusi's atelier. i pick up the september issue of vogue on the way and i am so disspapointed by the massive amount of advertising in this issue and the lack of interesting articles and spreads. we end the night with a couple of cocktails at a bar in our neighbourhood. monday morning to stroll out to visit the opera and stop by a cute thrift store on the way, but a rather pricey one. we try on different hats and i end up buying a vintage skirt. we have sushi for lunch and then head out to montmartre, the bohemian district. we get a beautiful view of the city up on the hill where sacre coeur cathedral is and then walk all the way to moulin rouge. the shows there are quite expensive so we have to leave it for another time. after a delicious dinner and some wine it's time to rest our poor feet tired from all this walking. but tomorrow is another day!

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paris when it sizzles

i arrived in paris on a beautiful friday afternoon. the girls were waiting for me at our cozy little apartment in marais.  we were right in the heart of the city and couldn't be more excited about it. i put on a clean shirt and we headed for the town. first stop, the beautiful gardens at the royal palace. birds were chirping in the trees and children were running around filling balloons with water from a fountain. we exit the garden and we realize where all the other screams were coming from: a beautiful square is filled with children playing on some black and white cylindrical pillars of various heights. i fit it immediately as i am wearing only black and white. moving on, we arrive at yet another beautiful garden, le jardin de tuileries  followed by le jardin du carousel, where we cannot pass the opportunity to ride the carousel. we then take a walk down the well know champs elysees where we stare at the beautiful window displays. we walk back to the metro and have dinner a cute little place by our apartment called les tetes brulees (the burned heads). saturday morning we get up bright and early, well not really, and head to le marche aux puces aka the flea market. it's not quite what we expected. it's full of antiques and vintage at some very prohibitive prices. we stare and we stare and leave quite dissapointed as we cannot afford the beautiful chanel vintage dresses ranging from 600 to 4000!!! euros or the beautiful jewelry or the beautiful chandeliers and sofas. we drown our sorrow in some exquisite clams served with french fries and white wine and we head off to see the beautiful river seine, les bouquinistes (used-book sellers) and the notre dame cathedral. we eat some ice cream at berthillon, where they supposedly have the best ice cream in paris. supposedly, because that's the only ice cream i tasted while in paris but it was finger licking good. we pass by the city hall, oddly enough called hotel de ville, and the george pompidou center. we end the day with some shopping at h&m (i am addicted to this store) and dinner at home. a demain!

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