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allez viens je t'emmene au vent

woke up on sunday morning to clear blue skies and warm weather. it was just perfect as we had to stand in line for the louvre museum for about 2 hours. it's my second time visiting the museum so i know exactly which rooms i want to see. i am mesmerized by the rich and vibrant colors and the dynamism of the paintings. we rush past the way too many religious paintings and find our way through the sculpture section. by the time we're done we're starving to death so we grab lunch at a cozy little cafe by les hales. after that we go lay on the grass in a beautiful park and then head off to the brancusi's atelier. i pick up the september issue of vogue on the way and i am so disspapointed by the massive amount of advertising in this issue and the lack of interesting articles and spreads. we end the night with a couple of cocktails at a bar in our neighbourhood. monday morning to stroll out to visit the opera and stop by a cute thrift store on the way, but a rather pricey one. we try on different hats and i end up buying a vintage skirt. we have sushi for lunch and then head out to montmartre, the bohemian district. we get a beautiful view of the city up on the hill where sacre coeur cathedral is and then walk all the way to moulin rouge. the shows there are quite expensive so we have to leave it for another time. after a delicious dinner and some wine it's time to rest our poor feet tired from all this walking. but tomorrow is another day!

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