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i'm throwing my arms around paris

yeap, that's right, i'm leaving for paris tomorrow where i will be spending a fabulous week in the company of 2 girlfriends. we're 3 girls out to conquer paris. this will actually be my second time in paris and i couldn't be more excited about this trip. i know everybody says paris is for people in love but i'd rather spend it with my girls getting crazy and all. as you can see i already started getting a bit crazy in the mid of packing. still a lot more stuff to do before i leave so i'll have to end this quick. i was so excited this was my last day at work before my trip i didn't even bother too much getting dressed. just threw on a pair of pants and a button down shirt and that was it. i rather like this laid back ensemble. cause that's just the way i feel right now, very relaxed and very excited at the same time. i'll see you guys in a week with tones of stories and pictures from the city of lights. à bientôt mes amis!

pants, shirt: h&m * top: random * shoes: red lips


  1. Ohhhh lucky lucky girl!!! So excited for you. Have fun, which I'm sure I don't have to say tho, right?? lol=)
    P.s. very cute outfit!!

  2. Have fun!!! Can't wait to see your photos from Paris!