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the city at my feet

it sure is wonderful to have an entire city at your feet. it's even more magical when that city is paris. while last time i was in paris i saw the city by night from the great height of the eiffel tower, that is 324 meters (1,063 ft) tall, this time we climbed the tower in the afternoon and the view was gorgeous. the sky was in a moody disposition and it would cast shadows once in a while, leaving only some parts of the city in a beautiful bright light. we took loads of pictures in front and in the back and then on top of the tower. we couldn't get enough. the light wasn't always on our side but we managed to make the best of it. it sure was overwhelming to walk around buildings that stood the test of time for hundreds of years and then see them form up above as if you ruled the city. you feel small and insignificant but at the same time you feel transported into another era. you set your mind to ignore the cars, the noises and the way people are dressed and you can almost begin to feel you are travelling back in time. that was one of the reasons i felt like wearing one of my vintage dresses. it sure wasn't from the era the buildings were born but it did give me a feeling of fitting in, if you get what i mean. i also wore my key necklace so i could open all the city's doors. and so, one by one all the mysteries of this amazing city began to unravel before my very eyes.

dress: thifted, vintage * jacket: pimkie * belt: thrifted * shoes: red lips

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