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keep us from temptation

ok, so i gave in. i promised myself i wouldn't, i debated and changed my mind a thousand times, and still i couldn't stay away. i just bought my first pair of jeffrey campbell litas. i was at the mall yesterday and saw them, i didn't even knew they sold them in our neck of the woods, and i tried them on just for fun, i was sure they wouldn't feel right and that i wouldn't be able to walk in them. i must say i was blown away beyond imagination, they are surprisingly light and comfortable, they are fairly stable for someone like me who doesn't wear high heels too much, and the color is simply splendid. i told the cashier i would think about it, never really intending to come back for them. but after 10 minutes of chatting with my friends over tea i realized i was becoming giddy and restless just like a little kid. i went back and bought them. i am not a shoe person, i don't spend much on shoes and i certainly do not care for wearing what everybody else is at the moment, and yet this is the happiest i've ever been with a purchase. more pictures to come, i promise, it was super cold out today and couldn't take any more shots.

coat; dress: h&m * leggings: stradivarius * boots: jeffrey campbell
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band of skulls

 She grew up in a nice neighborhood
But it didn't do her no good
Cause she's just a sum of her influence
Hell, and I can't tell you the difference
By the cracked windscreen on her car
Something is telling you don't know how lucky you are
You're just like the rest of those girls

They're all death by diamonds and
death by diamonds and
death by diamonds and
death by diamonds and pearls
death by diamonds and pearls

pants, boots: random * shirt: h&m * sweater: thrifted
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and if you complain once more, you'll meet an army of me

i've never really been drawn to anything army style inspired before. though i do have to say i love army green as a color. when i found this dress at the thrift store a couple months back i knew it was a deal i could not pass up. the army reference is quite subtle, all the more reason for me to snatch it up. it came with a belt that looked really well too, but it was a little bit on the sporty side for what i had in mind today. so i decided to swap it for a perforated leather belt to go with my ankle boots and green tights, though i wish the tights were more of an army green. the instant i put this dress on it gave me a sense of empowerment, of freedom and confidence. i think clothes can do this sometimes, they certainly don't have to be army inspired to do so, and it's such a great feeling. this dress surely makes for a great weapon (since we're talking army here) against the freezing cold outside and it sure has lifted my mood today.

dress, belt: thfited * tights: mondex * boots: amanda
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tree pose grows confidence. namaste

this is a dress that makes for great layering. it is in itself layered, and i love that the layer underneath the veil is slightly shorter. did i mention this is actually a nightgown? well it is, it actually says lingerie on the tag. but why waste this beauty and not wear it for the world to see. nobody figured it out yet so i guess i'm safe. and what is even greater about this dress is that you can wear it all year round. wearing it with navy blazer, thick tights, wedges, evil-eye necklace and thrifted belt. in other news, i started going to a new yoga class today and i am super excited. i have been practicing at home but not as often as i should have and it's so nice to go back again with the same yoga instructor at a new location. i have been feeling kinda tired and drowsy lately, and this will surely get me back on my feet. i really need to get back into shape before the snowboarding season starts. now look at me making all these plans. the effects are already kicking in.
dress: c&a * blazer: okay * tights: random * shoes: dgm * belt: thrifted
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the future's not what it used to be

well hello again, it's been a while. not much news to report except for the fact that i recently paid a visit to the salon to get me some color and a trim. i haven't really done anything else news worthy lately. and this is not exactly what i am wearing today, it's something i have worn multiple times and yet i failed to document. first of all let me start by saying i have the most amazing best friend and not only that, she also has the best sense of fashion ever. i always get such a mazing gifts from her and this dress is one of them. i actually got the dress this summer for my birthday and i've been wearing it a lot. not only is it super comfy but the length is adjustable and i simply adore the shoulder tassels. these golden beads make this jersey dress really special and really dress it up a bit. now that's funny, dressing up a dress. i am wearing it with heart printed tights and purple suede pumps. now that the temperatures have dropped so low, i won't be wearing these pumps any time soon. see you in spring my darlings! (i mean the pumps, not you guys)

dress: mango * tights: charme * pumps: filty * earrings, ring: random
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i heard that you like the bad girls honey, is that true?

as promised, here is the outfit i was hiding beneath my favorite new coat. i am also super excited to have purchased this pair of brown leather boots recently. i remember last year i was looking for a pair of lace up boots but couldn't find a decent pair. and now i stumbled upon these ones and i love the laces detail on them - they are merely performing a decorative function. i also made a wise decision to invest in quality leather boots from now on, instead of buying cheap ones that only last a season. one other thing i am trying to avoid is wearing too much black during the winter months to come, so i am going to focus more on shades of brown, red and camel. so this is me wearing my paisley dress, comfy knee high socks  and white tights and enjoying a beautiful day in the park. the colors of the trees were simply splendid, it's only nature that can create such a wonderful color display.
* i am totally obsessed with lana del rey's voice right now, hence the title

dress: extrose * cardigan: promod * tights: random * socks: stradivarius * boots: alto gradimento
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my autumn's done come

well, i must apologize for taking yet another and even longer hiatus than i anticipated. i can't quite put my finger on it but i guess i've been kinda lethargic lately. don't really know what is causing this. it may be the fact that i haven't really been too inspired by anything in my wardrobe lately, or the fact that it's pitch dark by the time i leave the office at night and darn cold too. i couldn't quite find the time to take pictures this couple of weeks and i have been debating whether i should go back to taking indoor photos for a while. maybe i'll give that a try. but then i realized i do have something to be excited about: it's my new woolen dark red (i want to call it auburn or chestnut - not sure how to call this shade of red) coat from h&m. i am going mad for this color this season. i love that it's loose around the body, has e beautiful neck that you can wear multiple ways, love the draping in the back and the shape of the pockets, love everything about it. and then i must announce i also bough this new pair of brown leather boots. but that's another story, maybe next time, when i'll also show you what i am wearing underneath the coat.

coat: h&m * boots: alto gradimento * tights: random * socks: stradivarius
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