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tree pose grows confidence. namaste

this is a dress that makes for great layering. it is in itself layered, and i love that the layer underneath the veil is slightly shorter. did i mention this is actually a nightgown? well it is, it actually says lingerie on the tag. but why waste this beauty and not wear it for the world to see. nobody figured it out yet so i guess i'm safe. and what is even greater about this dress is that you can wear it all year round. wearing it with navy blazer, thick tights, wedges, evil-eye necklace and thrifted belt. in other news, i started going to a new yoga class today and i am super excited. i have been practicing at home but not as often as i should have and it's so nice to go back again with the same yoga instructor at a new location. i have been feeling kinda tired and drowsy lately, and this will surely get me back on my feet. i really need to get back into shape before the snowboarding season starts. now look at me making all these plans. the effects are already kicking in.
dress: c&a * blazer: okay * tights: random * shoes: dgm * belt: thrifted


  1. I love the color combination - who cares if it's a nightie :) it surely doesn't look like one!

  2. I love this look, the layering is perfect & that adorable lilac nightgown looks perfect paired with the navy <3

  3. ce faina esti scumpa! miss you a lot! Love the dress and blazer combination! ;)