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and if you complain once more, you'll meet an army of me

i've never really been drawn to anything army style inspired before. though i do have to say i love army green as a color. when i found this dress at the thrift store a couple months back i knew it was a deal i could not pass up. the army reference is quite subtle, all the more reason for me to snatch it up. it came with a belt that looked really well too, but it was a little bit on the sporty side for what i had in mind today. so i decided to swap it for a perforated leather belt to go with my ankle boots and green tights, though i wish the tights were more of an army green. the instant i put this dress on it gave me a sense of empowerment, of freedom and confidence. i think clothes can do this sometimes, they certainly don't have to be army inspired to do so, and it's such a great feeling. this dress surely makes for a great weapon (since we're talking army here) against the freezing cold outside and it sure has lifted my mood today.

dress, belt: thfited * tights: mondex * boots: amanda

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