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i heard that you like the bad girls honey, is that true?

as promised, here is the outfit i was hiding beneath my favorite new coat. i am also super excited to have purchased this pair of brown leather boots recently. i remember last year i was looking for a pair of lace up boots but couldn't find a decent pair. and now i stumbled upon these ones and i love the laces detail on them - they are merely performing a decorative function. i also made a wise decision to invest in quality leather boots from now on, instead of buying cheap ones that only last a season. one other thing i am trying to avoid is wearing too much black during the winter months to come, so i am going to focus more on shades of brown, red and camel. so this is me wearing my paisley dress, comfy knee high socks  and white tights and enjoying a beautiful day in the park. the colors of the trees were simply splendid, it's only nature that can create such a wonderful color display.
* i am totally obsessed with lana del rey's voice right now, hence the title

dress: extrose * cardigan: promod * tights: random * socks: stradivarius * boots: alto gradimento

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  1. lovely dress, love your bangs!