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my autumn's done come

well, i must apologize for taking yet another and even longer hiatus than i anticipated. i can't quite put my finger on it but i guess i've been kinda lethargic lately. don't really know what is causing this. it may be the fact that i haven't really been too inspired by anything in my wardrobe lately, or the fact that it's pitch dark by the time i leave the office at night and darn cold too. i couldn't quite find the time to take pictures this couple of weeks and i have been debating whether i should go back to taking indoor photos for a while. maybe i'll give that a try. but then i realized i do have something to be excited about: it's my new woolen dark red (i want to call it auburn or chestnut - not sure how to call this shade of red) coat from h&m. i am going mad for this color this season. i love that it's loose around the body, has e beautiful neck that you can wear multiple ways, love the draping in the back and the shape of the pockets, love everything about it. and then i must announce i also bough this new pair of brown leather boots. but that's another story, maybe next time, when i'll also show you what i am wearing underneath the coat.

coat: h&m * boots: alto gradimento * tights: random * socks: stradivarius

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