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ok, so i gave in. i promised myself i wouldn't, i debated and changed my mind a thousand times, and still i couldn't stay away. i just bought my first pair of jeffrey campbell litas. i was at the mall yesterday and saw them, i didn't even knew they sold them in our neck of the woods, and i tried them on just for fun, i was sure they wouldn't feel right and that i wouldn't be able to walk in them. i must say i was blown away beyond imagination, they are surprisingly light and comfortable, they are fairly stable for someone like me who doesn't wear high heels too much, and the color is simply splendid. i told the cashier i would think about it, never really intending to come back for them. but after 10 minutes of chatting with my friends over tea i realized i was becoming giddy and restless just like a little kid. i went back and bought them. i am not a shoe person, i don't spend much on shoes and i certainly do not care for wearing what everybody else is at the moment, and yet this is the happiest i've ever been with a purchase. more pictures to come, i promise, it was super cold out today and couldn't take any more shots.

coat; dress: h&m * leggings: stradivarius * boots: jeffrey campbell


  1. I'm in love with your hair. (: Twitter

  2. hi, hi, hi! Stiu despre ve vorbesti! Eu mi-am luat prima pereche de Lite pentru ca imi placeau la nebunie cum arata, dar cand i-am incaltat mi-am dat seama ca ii perechea perfecta de incaltaminte. Parca plutesti in ei. Stiam ca au la Stone Creek pt. ca eu deja mi-am luat de la ei pe negru si chiar urma sa fac un post in legatura cu asta. Ma bucur ca iti plac, si cred ca acum iti dai seama ca nu degeaba au ajuns atat de populari. Sa speram ca cei de Stone Creek vor aduce si sandalele JC in primavara.

  3. :)) have fun wearing them!