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the future's not what it used to be

well hello again, it's been a while. not much news to report except for the fact that i recently paid a visit to the salon to get me some color and a trim. i haven't really done anything else news worthy lately. and this is not exactly what i am wearing today, it's something i have worn multiple times and yet i failed to document. first of all let me start by saying i have the most amazing best friend and not only that, she also has the best sense of fashion ever. i always get such a mazing gifts from her and this dress is one of them. i actually got the dress this summer for my birthday and i've been wearing it a lot. not only is it super comfy but the length is adjustable and i simply adore the shoulder tassels. these golden beads make this jersey dress really special and really dress it up a bit. now that's funny, dressing up a dress. i am wearing it with heart printed tights and purple suede pumps. now that the temperatures have dropped so low, i won't be wearing these pumps any time soon. see you in spring my darlings! (i mean the pumps, not you guys)

dress: mango * tights: charme * pumps: filty * earrings, ring: random

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