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incredible India

namaste! my first weekend in india was spent driving around chennai city. chennai is huge, but luckily our driver took us to all the cool spots in no time. traffic was not that bad since it was sunday, but it's quite hard to get used to all the honking. the weather was pretty hot and humid but not unbearable. my favorite part was visiting the hindu temples. it was quite an overwhelming experience and made me feel humble and blessed. i also enjoyed going to the marina beach and dipping my feet in the indian ocean. but i think the most overwhelming thing of all for me are all the scents and flavors india has to offer. i never thought i would actually enjoy it so much but the food here is amazing. i'm eating so much more these days because i want to try everything out. fruits taste even better here, and apparently now it's mango season so i've been gulping on mangos every day. 2 weeks here surely is not enough to get a sense of india as a whole but i am lucky to be able to experience this much for now.

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how soon is now

you guys will never guess where i am right now. well, i'm in india!!! and what you are seeing behind me is the mighty indian ocean. i'm actually here on a 2 week business trip but it's such a fantastic opportunity for me to be able to get a tiny glance at this enormously beautiful country. on my first day here i went on a tour of the city of chennai, where i am located. i will share some more photos with you in the next few days. these were taken on the marina beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in chennai with a 5 km long promenade. being a white female and a redhead on top i got stared at a lot, especially here at the beach, but i was starring at ladies in colorful saris all day long, so i guess we are even. i did try to blend in (ha!) by wearing a wrap skirt with an indian elephant print. i thrifted this beauty last summer and i knew i had to bring it with me on this trip. who could have imagined i would get to wear this in india. i mean what were the chances?

tank top: stradivarius * skirt: thrifted * hat: meli melo * bag: benvenuti * ring :h&m
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it's a mad mad world

i know for sure when summer is here when all my favorite shows end and i have nothing to watch. i don't own a tv, i haven't had one in 6 years. i watch all my shows online. you couldn't quite call me a tv junkie but i do get absorbed in the stories they tell on these shows. i just finished watching mad men's season finale and i cannot believe i have to wait for an entire year to meet up with the characters again. i absolutely loved the styling this season and i had my eye out on megan of course. and roger sterling cracks me up every time he opens his mouth, his lines are absolutely hilarious. joan had my absolute favorite line this season: "my mother raised me to be admired". top that if you can. and of course, my outfit for the day has nothing to do with what i just said. it does has a retro vibe though, especially with the t strap sandals.

t-shirt: zara * skirt: c&a * sandals: thrifted
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always running around, trying to find certainty

here we were on our way to our friend's house outside the city and all i could think of was taking my shoes off and walking around barefoot, just like i used to when i was a kid. also, having a three month summer vacation couldn't hurt either. i can just picture my outfits getting more and more relaxed and effortless. and now, coming back to earth. as much as i am looking forward to enjoying the summer days,  i cannot help resenting the fact that we live in a flat. summer is my absolute favorite season but our apartment is a living  hell during the summer months. since out roommate moved out, my guy and i have been considering the idea of getting a place of our own. i wish we could afford renting a house with a small garden but for now we'll have to settle for another flat. hopefully this one will be in a quieter neighbourhood, not very exposed to the sun and road dust. we'll start searching after we come back from our vacation in july, so keep your fingers crossed for us.

dress: thrifted * flats: stradivarius
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(get off your) high horse

hope you guys enjoyed the weekend as much as i did. i spent as much time outdoors as i could, hanging out with friends. among other activities, i  went cherry picking, had a picnic and tried to befriend some horses. The horses were the best part of this weekend. We see them every time we stop by this meadow but i’ve only summoned the courage to approach them now. You have to be extra careful when you are around a mother with her baby, so i was trying to make friends with her first and hoping i would have a shot at petting the baby horse or the other female. No luck this time, though. But she was so nice and friendly and those pretty eyes melted my heart. Hope she liked my outfit, though I’m not really sure how horses feel about stripes. I was trying to be comfy and covered up because i get bitten by insects all the time when i’m outside. This shirt is pretty special to me, though it may seem silly to you. i had it made before my first placebo concert back when i was studying at the university. i'm saving up for the summer vacation so i'm trying to make the best of my closet instead of going out and buying new stuff.

 dress: amisu * shirt: thrifted, custom print * sandals: random
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