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always running around, trying to find certainty

here we were on our way to our friend's house outside the city and all i could think of was taking my shoes off and walking around barefoot, just like i used to when i was a kid. also, having a three month summer vacation couldn't hurt either. i can just picture my outfits getting more and more relaxed and effortless. and now, coming back to earth. as much as i am looking forward to enjoying the summer days,  i cannot help resenting the fact that we live in a flat. summer is my absolute favorite season but our apartment is a living  hell during the summer months. since out roommate moved out, my guy and i have been considering the idea of getting a place of our own. i wish we could afford renting a house with a small garden but for now we'll have to settle for another flat. hopefully this one will be in a quieter neighbourhood, not very exposed to the sun and road dust. we'll start searching after we come back from our vacation in july, so keep your fingers crossed for us.

dress: thrifted * flats: stradivarius

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