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DIY project: chain necklace

inspired by the glorious jewelry designs over at the glomourai, I decided to embark on a little DIY project of my own. while I am very well stocked on earrings and rings (I never leave the house without them), I do not have as many necklaces as I would wish. and so, I recently thrifted some necklaces and a chain belt. I only bought the belt with the intention of turning it into a necklace, as it was pretty horrible as a belt. what I did was I separated the chain from the rest of the belt, ran some black ribbon through it, tied a bow and ...voilà. nothing to it. what do you think? I  knew I wanted the rest of the outfit to be a bit tough and edgy so I put on some ripped skinny jeans and a stripped shirt. can't wait to come up with other ways to wear this.

 shirt: zara *  jeans: sabotage * necklace: handmade
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the world is not enough

it's not bad enough that I have taken over most of the closet space, leaving my boyfriend with only a couple of shelves and 8 hangers (I had to run over to count them), now I am starting to wear his clothes too. the nerve on this girl, you might think (or he might think). he is a jeans and t-shirt kinda guy, so his shirts are rarely used. I felt sorry for the poor things and decided to show one of them the light of day. plaid shirts always seemed to me so laid back and comfortable. for some reason I think wearing man's clothes is very sexy. oh, gosh I can't believe I just used the word sexy. well, here I am wearing a green plaid shirt, way too big for me, sleeves rolled up and a belt to give it some sort of shape. put on my faux leather leggings to give the outfit more edge, but I swore I would take a break from wearing them for a while. I feel I have over worn them in the past couple of months.

 shirt: thifted, my boyfriend's * leggings: stradivarius * belt: thrifted * earrings: stradivarius
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tony cliftons

finally, I managed to get my hands on some of the photos snapped last saturday. went out to see my ex roommate's band play. they're called tony cliftons if you wanna check them out. it was so much fun. I got to hang out and catch up with dear old friends, see two other bands play, beside the tonys, and drink wine. the event gave me an excuse to wear black again, not that I needed an excuse. I love how badass me and my friend look in one of the pictures.

blouse: diesel, thrifted * pants: no label * bag: h&m * earrings: stradivarius
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momentary lack of dimension

I must be a bit out of my mind today wearing this skimpy little thing. I don't even know what to call it. it is a top, is it a dress? truth be told, I think it's neither. it's too short to be a dress and too long to be a top. I have very vague memories about where this thing came from. I remember I was in college, so one of my roommates must have given it to me, but I'm not quite sure. I always used to wear it with pants but I have no idea what came over me to wear it today with leggings. I must say I felt a bit uncomfortable cause it's way shorter than anything I ever wear. the long cardigan was a diversion and also a cover up. I mean I know from up close you could really tell I am wearing leather leggings and not some tights, but anyway I feel kinda odd. but whatever this thing is, I think it's kinda edgy. maybe not in the best possible way. you know what, the more I look at it right now the better I am starting to feel about it. it's young, it's vibrant, it fills me up with energy and reminds me a bit of some early vivienne westwood. so what if it's a bit too short? it's not like my butt is sticking out or anything. sometimes it's better not to play it safe.

cardigan: terranova * dress: thrifted, probably * leggings: stradivarius
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all things hanging

I am glad to start the week with a fresh new appearance. I managed to do some much needed things by the end of last week: cut my bangs, dyed my hair, got my eyebrows plucked and dyed and did my manicure. you can't really tell from the pics but in direct sunlight my hair and eyebrows are a dark purple. I bought these cool earrings over the weekend and I am going to wear them non stop. I almost didn't feel like putting clothes on this morning. I figured I could just walk around wearing nothing but my earrings. oh well, can't really do that, can I? so I had to think of something to wear that would go well with these beauties. their color matches the buttons on this vest and they both have leather details. I added the chair necklace and kept everything else simple. I am quite pleased with the result. I would change the necklace with a pocket chain watch however, but since I don't have one, this will have to do. I am experiencing a strange feeling. my head is turning with outfit ideas like never before. I open the closet and don't feel like I have nothing to wear, like I sometimes do. I've got my entire week's outfits planned already in my head. this rarely happens, and I am so relieved cause this will save me lots and lots of time in the morning. this should be an interesting week.

vest: promod * shirt: thirfted * jeans: h&m * earrings: stradivarius * necklace: pull&bear
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united colors of me

I've been complaining so much about my camera lately that it decided to break down for good, just to spite me. I'm stuck now with my phone I guess for a while. can't really afford a new camera but I'll have to come up with something pretty soon. my mood was still up considering all this, so I managed to pull together a colored outfit for a change. I found a skirt that I had forgotten about deep down in my closet. it's the softest thing you've ever touched. It's some sort of a suede or maybe velvet, I dunno, I'm not very good at naming fabrics, especially in english. anyway, it's grey and has these pretty multicolored stitchings on it. I paired it with matching burgundy top and tights. I'm really into belts right now so I added a hand me down belt from my mom's cousin. I remember I used to borrow a lot of clothes from her in high school. she was so cool, she would help me with DIY projects and sometimes she would let me keep the items I took from her. I miss those days.

 top: forever 21, thirfted * skirt: thrifted * tights: charme * belt: hand-me-down
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the boy with a thorn in his side

I think my look today is rather boy-ish. it's the cardigan, I guess. I feel it has a masculine touch, because of the low v-neck, the front pockets and maybe because of the grey color. I was trying some stuff out to put together my look for the day and morrissey popped in my head. as soon as I've got my mind set on something, there's always a related song that pops into my head. I listen to music all the time so I guess it's natural. the black and white stripped t-shirt was a natural choice, it's so brit pop. now, back to my look, I know I can't quite sell this as entirely masculine. I mean, what kinda guy wears earrings that have a girl's face painted on them, or a chair necklace, but you get the point. as much as I adore dresses, sometimes you gotta take a break and put on some comfy jeans just to change things up. I do not believe that someone has to define his/her style in exact terms. I think style is something that needs to constantly evolve and change. I could not see myself dressed in the same way all my life. I strongly believe in experimenting new things and giving up prejudices. I love putting on an ultra feminine look one day and then a masculine one the next one, then a dark, punk or vintage look the next and so on.

cardigan, t-shirt: thrifted * pants: no name * earrings: handmade * necklace: pull&bear
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the red and the black

red and black always have my back. haha. black is my absolute favorite color and a life saver when I feel like I have nothing to wear. and red always comes in handy when I need to turn up the volume in an outfit. I never use the color red excessively, but only as an accessory and pop of color, but I do think a little red dress would be wonderful. I just haven't found one that I like yet. I really feel like these two colors can create magic when put together. they give me a rush of blood to the head. I must say I am running out of posing ideas, and I never know exactly what to do with my hands while my picture is being taken. so today I was kinda on a roll for a while, really filled with energy but then at some point I kept waving my hands in  the air, not knowing where to place them. I am really really camera shy and so self conscious, it's a miracle I managed to do this for such a long time. it's been what, 6 months since I started blogging. OMG!

cardigan: terranova * dress, belt: thrifted * boots: red lips
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thank you weardrobe

I couldn't love the weardrobe community more and they paid me a great surprise today by featuring me on their page. thank you so much guys, really appreciate that.

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do have an orange

whenever I buy something new (or second hand :P) I can't wait to wear it. I usually can't wait more than a day or too. I've been so anxious to come back from my vacation and show off all of my finds from the thrift stores. I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since then and I haven't yet worn them all. there wasn't really any time to do it. so today it was the orange cardigan's turn to get out of the closet and into the brave new world. I knew I wanted to keep everything else nice and simple so it would be the piece that stood out the most. I opted for a little back dress which is a little too big for me. it was a lucky find at the flea market many years ago and the gypsy lady selling it kept telling me it fits just fine. I always wear it with a belt, and so the brown belt I just thrifted was a perfect choice. I was kinda bending my own rules here, since black and brown don't go together in my books. in the end, I think the colors complemented each other really well, the outfit was nice and playful and had just that touch of color I needed.

cardigan, belt, dress: thrifted * leggings: stradivarius * boots: afrodita
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shadows on the wall

going back to work sure sucks. my head is still in a daze and can't quite concentrate. I was still in a ski resort when I found out about alexander mcqueen's death. I was overwhelmed by sadness, couldn't think straight for a couple of minutes, and tears filled my eyes. it's a strange feeling that you can't quite define. this man touched our lives in so many ways. it's always strange when someone like him dies. it's not like you knew him or anything, but in a way you knew him very well through his work, and you can't help but feel that you lost someone very close and important to you. does that make any sense? then there's all this physical pain I am still going through after falling so many times on the slopes. then I come home and my camera is not working anymore. guess the cold and the humidity of the last few days might have killed it for good. hopefully not, even though it was a crappy camera, cause I can't afford a new one right now. so, I had to take the pics with the phone, which doesn't take light very well, so they turned out kinda grainy. but in a strange way I like them this way. and I loved playing around with the shadows on the wall. couldn't wait to put on my lace top from my last thrifting trip. don't really feel like doing color right now so I turned again to my safety blanket that is black.

jacket: pimkie * top: thrifted * pants: stradivarius * shoes: dgm
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costume of the day

I am spending one more day in the city, so I really wanted to get dressed up and do something. I was really looking forward to put on some of the stuff I thrifted not so long ago. first thing I wanted to try on was the purple cardigan, thought it had quite a 60's feel to it, so I paired it with a knee length polka dotted skirt. the volume of the skirt was so right for the theme, and then I went all for it adding the polka dotted scarf. not really knew what to do with this kind of scarf so I tried on different things, and I was quite fun in the end. man, it feels good not wearing the whole snowboard gear for a change. having all those things on me made me feel like I doubled my weight. anyway, I feel kinda costume-y, not having ever attempted such a look before, but to tell the truth I am quite digging it. I love anything vintage and this is so like Betty Draper. if only I hadn't give up smoking.I would have looked so good holding a cigarette in my hand. I should definitely do this more often.

cardigan: thrifted; skirt; h&m thrifted; scarf: thrifted; knitted flower brooch; shoes: dgm
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inspiration file: the orchid

the are so many sources of inspiration all around us, and lately I've had one just on front of my eyes, next to my computer. I've been watching my orchid blossom for about 3 weeks now. flower by flower, I've been amazed by it's beauty. what is even more amazing to me is the fact she found the strength and resources to blossom during winter, when light is so scarce. it has been truly an inspiration. I am surely gonna try harder now to include more color in my outfits.

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queen of slopes

hey there, sorry about the silenzio stampa lately. I took 2 weeks off from work and I am spending them with my boyfriend, climbing mountains and learning to snowboard. one week has already gone by and although it didn't quite feel like a vacation, more like boot camp, it's all for the best. it's great to escape the city and enjoy some exercise while filling the lungs with fresh mountain air. we're back in the city for a couple of days and then we're going back. I must say every muscle in my body hurts like hell, but I am quite anxious to get back to the slopes and work on my snowboarding. so, there won't be any outfit shots pretty soon, but here's my snowboarding outfit, if that counts for anything. enjoy the view and have a great week all of you. I know I will.

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