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momentary lack of dimension

I must be a bit out of my mind today wearing this skimpy little thing. I don't even know what to call it. it is a top, is it a dress? truth be told, I think it's neither. it's too short to be a dress and too long to be a top. I have very vague memories about where this thing came from. I remember I was in college, so one of my roommates must have given it to me, but I'm not quite sure. I always used to wear it with pants but I have no idea what came over me to wear it today with leggings. I must say I felt a bit uncomfortable cause it's way shorter than anything I ever wear. the long cardigan was a diversion and also a cover up. I mean I know from up close you could really tell I am wearing leather leggings and not some tights, but anyway I feel kinda odd. but whatever this thing is, I think it's kinda edgy. maybe not in the best possible way. you know what, the more I look at it right now the better I am starting to feel about it. it's young, it's vibrant, it fills me up with energy and reminds me a bit of some early vivienne westwood. so what if it's a bit too short? it's not like my butt is sticking out or anything. sometimes it's better not to play it safe.

cardigan: terranova * dress: thrifted, probably * leggings: stradivarius

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  1. Digging the long cardigan. These babies can go with absolutely anything, I have even seen a lightweight one at worn over a bikini as pool-side wear.

    Where would we be without them, especially if you don't like your bum LOL