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the mystery of the red head

the funniest thing happened today. I went to my favorite bookstore to pick up some books and have some tea in their upstairs tea shop. as I was sitting there sipping my ginger tea and reading my book, a girl walks in and sits down at the table in front of me. took a quick glimpse at her: she had bright red hair, and was wearing a grey cardigan, black mini skirt, black tights, and a pair of sneakers. after a while, I took another quick look at her beautiful red hair and then noticed that she was now wearing a pair of black high heel shoes. I thought to myself that I probably must have seen the sneakers on someone else, but no, I was pretty sure she walked in wearing them. I didn't notice her going to the bathroom or anything, so she must have changed the shoes under the table. she just sat there by herself, reading her book and wearing high heels. mind you, I was the one reading Nina Garcia's book "The Black Book of Style", not her. and I was wearing jeans and mountain boots. I waited and waited but she never left her seat. finally I had to go, and as I was chatting with my friends downstairs I saw her leaving the bookstore and guess what... she was wearing the sneakers again. as awkward as it was, I think it's great that she wears high heels in public places and then switches to some more comfortable and warm shoes for the outside. it's great that some people go to any length to look great in public and are careful about the way they present themselves. maybe more of us should do that.

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