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costume of the day

I am spending one more day in the city, so I really wanted to get dressed up and do something. I was really looking forward to put on some of the stuff I thrifted not so long ago. first thing I wanted to try on was the purple cardigan, thought it had quite a 60's feel to it, so I paired it with a knee length polka dotted skirt. the volume of the skirt was so right for the theme, and then I went all for it adding the polka dotted scarf. not really knew what to do with this kind of scarf so I tried on different things, and I was quite fun in the end. man, it feels good not wearing the whole snowboard gear for a change. having all those things on me made me feel like I doubled my weight. anyway, I feel kinda costume-y, not having ever attempted such a look before, but to tell the truth I am quite digging it. I love anything vintage and this is so like Betty Draper. if only I hadn't give up smoking.I would have looked so good holding a cigarette in my hand. I should definitely do this more often.

cardigan: thrifted; skirt; h&m thrifted; scarf: thrifted; knitted flower brooch; shoes: dgm

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