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united colors of me

I've been complaining so much about my camera lately that it decided to break down for good, just to spite me. I'm stuck now with my phone I guess for a while. can't really afford a new camera but I'll have to come up with something pretty soon. my mood was still up considering all this, so I managed to pull together a colored outfit for a change. I found a skirt that I had forgotten about deep down in my closet. it's the softest thing you've ever touched. It's some sort of a suede or maybe velvet, I dunno, I'm not very good at naming fabrics, especially in english. anyway, it's grey and has these pretty multicolored stitchings on it. I paired it with matching burgundy top and tights. I'm really into belts right now so I added a hand me down belt from my mom's cousin. I remember I used to borrow a lot of clothes from her in high school. she was so cool, she would help me with DIY projects and sometimes she would let me keep the items I took from her. I miss those days.

 top: forever 21, thirfted * skirt: thrifted * tights: charme * belt: hand-me-down


  1. really cool skirt!!! I love how you matched the top to the tights!

  2. I love this outfit ! I too am fighting with my cameras ! Glad I found you ! I try not to, but am always trying out new camera techniques and sometimes ask other bloggers how they get their good shots! I have a "good" camera (Canon Rebel 12.2) and a "cheapo" (Easyshare 3.1) and really can't afford another one, but I found some small ones at wal-mart that were less than $20 and had a 12.2 megapixel. I may try one, but the problem lies in depth of field (how far the lens will pick up a good shot ) most cammy's only have a 3-4 ft. "good" range, and a full body shot takes 5-6 ft. thus, over-exposure or underexposure! Yikes ! Sorry I am rambling! best of luck with your photos! I also love the title of your blog. I have buddha all over my house and try to keep the buddha smile ! nice to meet ya!